How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Just thought I would put this up so that anyone who reads it may be a little more informed about what to do if this were to happen, which I hope it never does.

How to Survive a
Nuclear Attack -
"If You Hear a Large Explosion, Don't Run to the Window to See What it Was - You'll Get Shredded by the Blast" by James Roberts -

Here are the plain and simple facts. If a nuclear bomb were to ever detonate on U.S. soil with the intent on doing Americans harm, you'd want to know about it. Why? Because if you didn't, that likely means that you were too close. And if you were too close, that means you're dead.
A nuclear attack is one of the most frightening things that could happen, period. Just the explosion alone can kill millions. Unfortunately, even after the blast nuclear weapons can do damage through something called nuclear fallout.
In essence, fallout refers to a process by which the wind carries radioactive materials through the air. Unfortunately, nuclear fallout can sicken or even kill people in its path.
So, here's the question. How can one survive a nuclear attack? And, as usual, (S.O.S.) is here to lead you in the direction of a possible answer.

How to survive a nuclear attack
Well, the first thing is to not be right there when it occurs. What can you do to make sure that happens? Unfortunately, not a ton. However, if there is an alert for a particular event- say a football game- it might be wise to avoid it. On the other hand, doing so allows the terrorists to win. Thus, there's no easy answer in terms of avoidance ( other than really solid Homeland Security, perhaps ).
Still, things should be put in perspective. A nuclear bomb emits such tremendous heat and power that it can literally destroy structures and kill on contact within five miles of detonation ( depending on the power of the bomb ). So, if you're in the general vicinity when a nuclear bomb or missile detonates, that's not good.
Now if you're outside when this occurs and manage to survive, take immediate cover ( inside a structure ). Further, if you get debris on you, wash it off with soap and water as soon as possible.
However, in all likelihood you'll either be at work or at home if such an occurrence were to take place. Therefore, if you pay heed now, you might have a plan in place when/ if it all breaks down.
Planning in advance of a nuclear attack - Why would you ever want to plan for such a terrible occurrence? For the same reason that you want to be ready for that presentation at work. Preparation oftentimes leads to success, and survival during such a tragic situation is no different. Thus, here are some things to consider.
Chain of contact - Know how you are going to contact loved ones ( have a chain of contact ). However, don't waste time and put yourself in danger in order to simply call someone if the danger is intense and immediate ( perhaps you're right in the path of everything ). Under such circumstances, you and your loved ones should already know where you're going.
The fallout chamber - Nothing is more important than this in terms of protecting from nuclear fallout. The radiation from nuclear fallout can be dangerous for up to several days after an explosion and can seep through any material. However, it loses it's negative attributes as it passes through things, so the thicker the wall between you and it the better.
Hence, a fallout room.
A fallout room should be as safe as possible. Further, it would be smart to have this within your own home as it may be dangerous to leave. Thus, if your fallout chamber can be within your home, go with that ( and wait to hear from local emergency authorities ).
Regardless, here are some best practices and things to consider when designing/ deciding on a fallout room or chamber ( called such because it's designed to protect from fallout ).
1. Make sure your fallout room is within a well insulated structure. Bungalows, cabins, trailer homes, and the like don't tend to fit the bill. Therefore, if you live in one of these it might be prudent to make plans to take shelter with a loved one or friend very close by.
2. Choose the place furthest from the outside walls within your home. Oftentimes, this is the cellar or basement. The greater the distance you are from the radiation, the better.
3. Still, the mere walls of your home may not be enough. You'll want to shut off openings like windows, etc. In addition, you'll want to bolster the walls around you with dense materials like bricks, sand, concrete, wood, and even furniture. This is why planning is important.
Further, have these things on hand before the event occurs ( in your fallout chamber ). Along with this, it might be prudent to have a hammer, some nails, and wood housed in your fallout chamber in case building or adding on is required.
Of course, if the extra materials are already built in, you'll be best off. Thus, you'll have to decide just how worried you are in advance.
4. All of this said, the fallout room may not be enough ( particularly during the first couple of days after detonation when things are most dangerous ). Thus, you'll want to build some kind of fallout inner shelter within your fallout room. One way to do this is to use doors reinforced on the outside with sand or another bolstering material. Another option is to hide within a closed off cupboard. Regardless, make sure that you take care to close off openings to this as well. Further, build it so that it won't fall apart.
However, you should also make sure that it and your fallout room will allow a sufficient amount of oxygen in.
All of this said, the fallout inner shelter within your fallout room may only need to be used for a couple of days. However, you can plan on spending upwards of fourteen days or more in your fallout room. Thus, there are some supplies you should definitely have on hand if such an occurrence were to take place.

Supplies to have on hand in your fallout room
1. Have enough food for 14 days. Though you may have some perishable items on hand, the majority of food should be able to last. Further, you should choose to eat the perishable items first ( obviously ).
2. Have enough water for 14 days. In fact, try to have extra supplies of this on hand ( you'll almost certainly need to buy jugs of water in advance in order to accomplish this ). Remember, also to cover and secure your food and water. If radioactive dust gets on to it, there's no real way to get it off.
3. Have a radio and extra batteries as this will be your only real connection to emergency contacts and the outside world. Without this, you won't know what to do or when to do it.
4. Have tin openers, cutlery, bowls, plates, and etc. for obvious reasons.
5. Have warm clothing on hand. Gloves and boots may be especially important in order to protect the outer extremities.
6. Have bedding on hand. This should be both comfortable and warm.
7. Have bathroom supply products. Consider knowing where you will toilet in advance. Since you cannot waste water in a toilet- and may not even have one in your fallout room- have buckets, bags for waste, and disinfectants/ cleaners with you as well. It may be smart to have a garbage / dustbin right outside of your fallout room to store human and food waste materials ( consider not putting things out of the room at all until at least two days after the event ).
8. Have a portable stove and pots / pans.
9. Have flashlights, candles, and matches.
10. Have cloths, brushes, and brooms for cleaning.
11. Have soap on hand with towels.
12. Have a first aid supply kit.
13. And just as important, have things to keep you busy like books, paper, and pens.
In sum, a nuclear attack could happen under several different scenarios. Thus, it's important to note that dealing with one will take some flexibility. That said, being ready for at least one or two possible scenarios is better than none.
Also remember that the United States has never been attacked in nuclear fashion. Thus, emergency personnel may very well choose to lead us all in a different direction when/ if the time comes. Therefore, it's important to remember to have that radio on you so that you can follow emergency directives. No article, good- bad- or otherwise will take the place of that.
Good luck to you.

Survive a Nuclear Attack (external - login to view)
Make Your Home and Family Safe from Nuclear Attack (external - login to view)
How to Protect Your Family from Terrorists and Nuclear Attack (external - login to view)

Duck roll and cover, I learned that in grade five Greenvale School, I have survived every atomic bomb since then.
Shouldn't the last instruction be...

Put your head between your legs and kiss your *** goodbye.
I bet no one knew this :
Stay at Home

Your own local authority will best be able to help you in war. If you move away - unless you have a place of your own to go to or intend to live with relatives - the authority in your new area will not help you with accommodation or food or other essentials. If you leave, your local authority may need to take your empty house for others to use.
So stay at home.
I've often wondered why we would want to survive a nuclear attack... considering that such an event will not be a singular attack... the nukes will be flyin' fast and furious as soon as the first one is unleashed... imagine what you would find when you emerge from your fall out shelter. If your immediate area wasn't hit, it'll become the place where all the newly homeless come to... how long before all societal regulation and structure breaks down and we're living in an every man for himself environment? I'm a wuss... wouldn't last a day. I think I'd rather paint a big bulls eye on my roof with an arrow pointing to it and a sign saying "Drop bomb here" than face the world after a nuclear holocaust.

If you live in a block of flats there are other factors to consider. If the block is five stories high or more, do not shelter in the top two floors. Make arrangements now with your landlord for alternative shelter accommodation if you can, or with your neighbours on the lower floors, or with relatives or friends.
If your flat is in a block of four storeys or less, the basement or ground floor will give you the best protection. Central corridors on lower floors will provide good protection.

I'm not trying to make fun of this at all but could you just imagine going to your landlord and neighbors and asking them to help and make arrangements for an emergency nuclear attack strategy?

You'd probably get evicted!
Shouldn't we line up for emergency implants?
The best way to survive a nuclear attack, is by living in an area nobody would attack in the first place!

Now a large asteroid...pray to your god or shag your lover.
We would want to survive it because all things pass and so will this. This may only be the beginning but we will continue to evolve and hopefully we will learn from it. Think about the holocaust. People lived through it.

However, I do think there is a big difference between what happened in the holocaust and a complete nuclear fallout.
lone wolf
A nuclear attack would most likely be a dirty bomb - meaning no warning flashes of mushroom clouds.
You need to build a Fall-Out Room and an Inner Refuge. The 5 essentials for your survival in your Fall-Out Room : 1) Water and 2) Food for at least 14 days 3) Portable Radio and Spare Batteries 4) Tin Opener, Bottle Opener, Cutlery and Dishes 5) Warm Clothing. There is more in the Protect And Survive booklet on the web.

They've got some good tips : Make Your Home and Family Safe from Nuclear Attack (external - login to view)

It tells you what to do about sanitation - toilet, and how to limit fire hazards. It tells you what to do not only before a nuclear attack but also what to do after and what to expect.

This booklet has a lot of useful info that I knew nothing about. Looks like I've got some work to do. But first, I gotta move. Where should I go?
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

A nuclear attack would most likely be a dirty bomb - meaning no warning flashes of mushroom clouds.

Dirty bombs aren't nuclear, they're conventional bombs with radioactive material that scatters in the explosion. No fission involved.
A nuclear strike is survivable, but not for everyone. If you are above the surface at ground zero, you will be pretty much evaporated. If you are something over a half mile away from ground zero, in a strong, reinforced concrete building, and not standing behind a glass window you should be okay. You should survive. Surviving is only half the battle. You will need clean water and uncontaminated food, and a safe place to stay. Enough to last for at least two weeks. After two or three weeks, most of the fallout, will have fallen out, and if we are lucky, rain will have washed it into the rivers. I would guess the enemy, whoever it is, would use only conventional nuclear weapons. Good luck....
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Ok. So, it says in the booklet that

'The heat and blast are so severe that they can kill, and destroy buildings, for up to five miles from the explosion. Beyond that, there can be severe damage.'

If the windows of my house get blown out, then what? Do I have to go outside of my Inner Refuge and Fallout Room to go and tape plastic to the holes in my house. Wouldn't I be exposed to the deadly fall out whether or not I tried to protect myself? Because if I didn't try to tape up the windows, the fall out would probably get into my Inner Refuge and poison everyone in it.
I would remember all the tips I learned from the Vault Dweller's Guide(from Fallout, a computer game)!
If you people are serious about this (and I have a hard time believing any of you are) you should understand something about the half-life of nuclear material. That way when you are planning to 'rebuild society' you can reference some things from these days. Like if you happen to carry a fetus for 9 months (that is if because many will not make it to full term) then you can ask the same question that is asked most often in parts of Iraq that have been bombarded by DU. It won't be "Is it a boy or a girl?", it will be "Is it alright?

If anybody thinks society will survive then you have been watching too much TV or listening to too much bull**** from the ones who would use things like atomic anything.

A more real picture is you having to kill all the ones you love before you offed yourself.
If I see it coming, I'll do my best to be at ground zero.

If it's a total holocaust, who the hell wants to be around after.

Read, "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, and good luck to you if you survive. On the Beach, The Last Canadian...........any and all.

Fergit it!!

We stand to lose more by Harpo's Con machinations which are real and present dangers.

Don't forget to get to the Remembrance Day Service tomorrow.


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