Staff at a firm of solicitors in Britain's second largest city are so spooked at working there thanks to its ghostly goings-on that they refuse to work late at night.

LAC Solicitors, in Birmingham, West Midlands, is riddled with unexplained phemonena, including ghostly shadows, mysterious footsteps, unexplained damp patches and infestations of flies and maggots.

What makes all these happenings appropriate is that the solicitors is at number 666 Washwood Heath Road.

Spooked staff refuse to work late at 'haunted' solicitor's office... where the building number is 666

By Daily Mail Reporter
31st October 2008
Daily Mail

A firm of solicitors say they are being spooked by dark forces and cursed with bad luck - because their building is number 666 on the street.

One member of staff was found dead by her desk after working late, three computer technicians have gone bankrupt and electrical appliances constantly fail.

On top of that, large puddles of water appear inexplicably on the floor when there is no sign of a leak and dead flies somehow wind up inside light fittings.

Ghost town: Sarfraz has had a catalogue of spooky events take place, and once saw a white shadow move across the office

To make matters even worse, the office - once a Victorian home - is haunted by a poltergeist who moves stationary around and makes mysterious noises.

Sarfraz Khan, who runs LAC Solicitors at 666 Washwood Heath Road, Birmingham, said: 'Nobody likes to stay late here, come 6pm we are straight out the door.

'The place has an eerie feel to it, the fact that things go wrong all the time and the fact our address is 666 is no co-incidence. There are mysterious forces at work here.'

Sarfraz, 40, said the business recently took out an account with Lloyds TSB - only to find their account number included the digits 666.

The company, which specialises in disability grants, was also given funding for 66,689.

Sarfraz Khan, who runs the firm, is freaked out by the goings-on at the building in 666 Washwood Heath Road

Scared staff believe the number of the beast may be behind a spate of unfortunate incidents to strike the office.

The firm's five workers refuse to work late after one of their colleagues, a woman in her fifties, did so one evening and collapsed of a fatal heart attack.

Her body was discovered slumped on the floor at the foot of her desk the following morning.

Three technicians who were paid to iron out glitches in the IT system went bankrupt within months of working there and printers and fax machines keep breaking down.

The heating system is always malfunctioning, light-bulbs blow after only a few days and odd circles of water appear on the middle floor when above and below remain bone-dry.

Other odd occurrences include a manifestation of dead flies encased in light fittings and around window panes and maggots are found scattered across the floor in one room.

Then there is the ghost of a restless female spirit who wanders the old terrace building making strange sounds and leaving behind an icy chill.

Dad of two Sarfraz said: 'Since we've been here, we've had nothing but bad luck. Things are always going wrong in the office and I'm certain the number 666 has a part to play.

'That number is haunting us, it's included in our bank account number and we even received a grant of of 66,689.

'The worst bit of ill-fortune was the death of a colleague of mine. She wanted to work late one night as she had a lot to do and pulled an all-nighter a few years ago.

'When we opened up in the morning, she was lying dead on the floor. She was only in her fifties, in fairly good health but she'd suffered a heart attack.

'Nobody had stayed late into the night before then and nobody has since.

'But there have been so many other things from computer technicians going bankrupt to the printer and fax machines always going wrong.

'The heating seems to break down every couple of months, our internet constantly crashes when there are no problems with the main server and phones go dead when there doesn't seem to a be a fault on the line.

'Then there are light-bulbs which blow shortly after being screwed in, the odd patches of water and we get weird insect manifestations.'

Staff refuse to stay late at the firm after one employee who was alone in the building after work died of a heart attack

The psychic advised staff to hang religious artefacts on the walls to combat the curse but a catalogue of misfortune continues to haunt the workplace - as does their resident spectre.

Sarfraz added: 'Footsteps when there is nobody upstairs, raps against the wall by an unseen hand and blasts of icy air are all experienced regularly.

'I almost missed a flight to Germany once thanks to the ghost -I realised my passport had gone missing while travelling to the airport, despite the fact I'd checked I'd got it several times before leaving.

'After a mad dash back to the office, there it was, lying in full view on my desk. She is known for taking things and leaving them in different places.

'I saw her once, she was a shadow of white light that moved in front of me and drifted upstairs.'

LAC Solicitors are sandwiched between a supermarket and a clothes shop, both of which report no paranormal activity.

Colleague Javirya Bibi, 28, added: 'The strange goings-on are confined to number 666, it seems.

'I drove into work once with no problems, parked the car directly outside the office but when I went to drive home again, the brakes felt loose.

'I called out a mechanic and he told me the brakes had failed and was amazed that I had managed to drive to work in the first place. The car felt fine in the morning though.

'Phones sometimes ring but there is no voice at the other end of the line.

'I don't work late and I certainly wouldn't work here on my own, not in an office which has a curse and a ghost.'