Happy Birthday Tonnington

lone wolf


I'm bringin' me band-mates along just to say:
We're 'avin' a party now Happy Birthday,
Have a wonderful birthday
Have a happy day T!
Thanks all. My birthday wish is for this horrible head cold to disappear.
By all means. Happy Birthday Tonnington, and many more like it.....:blob 7::blob7 : : blob7::b lob7::bl ob7::blo b7::blob 7: From all of us.....
Happy Birthday, Tonington! May you feel better soon.

Here is an old and proven method from my childhood days:

Heat a pot of water. If you have Chamomile tea handy, throw in a few bags. Now sit yourself down at the table, hot tea water in front of you and face over it. Drape a big towel over your head and shoulders and hold the edges down with your arms. Now inhale the steam as hot as you can through your nose, if plugged, then through your mouth. Have a few paper towels beside you to wipe the sweat off your face from time to time! Try not to let too much steam escape. Keep it up until not much steam is coming.

Repeat after some hours of rest by heating the same water up again.

This procedure is called taking a "Kopfdampf"!

Enjoy.... you'll feel better soon for sure.
Happy Birthday to you
and Have a wonderful and happy day too.


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