Willie Nelson killed in tragic car accident - dead at age 75 (Willie Nelson Dead)

What is it with dead celebrity threads, there aren't enough of them already, so we have to invent some?
L Gilbert
Marshall McLuhan stated, "Celebrity is news. All else is entertainment". He was right.

The author of this thread would be the same sort of person who would yell, "Fire!" in a movie theater, perhaps.
He's still alive and singing. Willie Nelson (external - login to view)
I think it's an amusing joke, based on one of his famous songs. It's hardly offensive.

Like the story that Rita McNeil has been diagnosed with flesh eating disease - docs have given her only 4 more years to live.

It's simply a little play on something the celebrity is known for. Like a play on words, any celebrity is out there in the public eye, and therefore is open for being the subject of a joke.

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