know any good podcasts?

Anyone have any podcast reviews? I'd like some podcast suggestions and thought some other people here might enjoy my favorite podcast - The Joan Kenley Show (external - login to view). I started listening to Joan Kenley when she voiced a radio show here in the Bay Area called Talking Matters, then followed her when she made the move to the podcast format. My review: The show is about politics, health, relationships, daily life, really everything - each episode features an expert guest (or two) and the host's progressive and upbeat attitude underpins broad spectrum in depth conversation. I like it because it's positive and fun, yet educational. Not boring. Not Canadian either, but would love Canadian suggestions.
The only one I listen to from time to time is This Week in Tech (aka TWIT).
Hm, I love the acronym but I'm not sure I am into tech stuff much. Something odd I found while researching this question I Googled Joan Kenley looking for more things like her show or a way to categorize it and I learned that she is the voice of voicemail! At least mine, she's done a lot of the systems and is AT&T on the west coast, so that's me. Lol, I didn't recognize her voice and I apparently hear it every day (or at least every day I screen my calls )

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