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As an adventurer I love to travel, see the world, and learn more. But this site is a way I can find out about different countries and cultures right from my home computer. So please tell me all the interesting things about urselves, I want to learn more!
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Welcome Miss Annika.

Hmm... what to tell you about Canadians. lol. I think you'll just need to read and find out for yourself what we're like.
We like to travel to Oahu and wear crazy costumes for Halloween!!! Well, I do at least.
awesome tracy, so i'll b seeing u then?
what can i say, i want to see the world. and sorry canada, i've stepped foot on ur land b4
L Gilbert
lol The thing is, that as far as country content goes, Canada is pretty varied. Nowhere else in Canada is like the prairies, nowhere else is like the maritimes, or BC, Yukon, etc. Even various areas inside the regions differ fairly widely.The States are like this, too.OR is nothing like TX, NH is nothing like MI, etc.
hmm interesting, but its good to have all types of land right?
what about words u use, hobbies, food, u kno, stuff like that?
like for example, i kno australians call americans "yanks" i find it funny and interesting
L Gilbert
We use English in this house, although the wifey spews the odd word in Anishinaabemowin now & then. I have a few choice words in Gaeilge and a couple others, too. I call Americans 'Yanks", too. lol There isn't a lot of difference between Canadian words and American words, though. Mostly localised differences. Food's pretty much the same, too. We say "roof" as in "goof" rather than "roof" as in "ruff", "creek" as in "peek" rather than "creek" as in "crick".
Measurements are in metric.
Hobbies are stuff like gardening, woodworking, running, hiking, camping, boating, etc. Much the same as in the States, I'm sure.
Hiya Miss,
Welcome to CC.
I also enjoy traveling. This past winter I even spent time in Maui!
In Saskatchewan we say 'Bunnyhug' instead of Hoodie!
bunnyhug, thats cute, i like it.
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