What did you do for Father's Day?

We played mini-golf then had a smoked salmon and cream cheese benny at the Salmon Point Resort, south of Campbell River.

What did you do?
My dad loves few things more than a plateful of good steak. I marinated up a few huge sirloins and we BBQ'd them up after a good 24 hour soak, topped with portebello mushrooms and onions sauteed in garlic and butter, some baby potatoes and baby carrots roasted with fresh oregano and thyme, followed with warm bumbleberry pie and whipped cream for dessert.

That's all it takes to make my dad a happy man, so that's what I did.

Happy Father's Day to all our wonderful Canadian Content Dads...
.......................I hope you all had a wonderful day feeling appreciated and doted on!
We watched some of the u.s. open golf, then met daughters for little picnic at the ocean.
It could easily have been at Salmon Point Restaurant, wouldn't that have been wierd.

Golfed 18 holes in the evening at Glacier Greens, it was so beautiful there, and the whole
day was very beautiful, couldn't have had a nicer father's day with my husband, and
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My family and I went to my uncle's for supper. On the drive back home my dad and I lined up next to eachother, light gos green and boogity, boogity, boogity.
My wife forced me to buy a new grill.

No really.

She said the one we had before was " A pile of useless crap"

I wanted a 22" flat panel monitor for the computer, tried to appeal to her aesthetic side..

"Honey, it will make the living room look better"

She didn't buy it.

Steaks, anyone?
I had the pleasure of having the girls(12 and 16) create dinner for me--hamburgers and mac and cheese--they are obviously going to be great chefs
We should honour our parents and the elderly everyday, forget the commmercialism.
it was my first father's day as a father. Amelia got me a toasted sandwich-maker (not bad since she's 9 months old and gets no pocket money at all). We visited my father in law as well. My father didn't even get a phone call since he constantly forgets my daughter's name and basically doesn't give a crap, even if it is father's day.
We took hubby out for lunch, and then went looking for a 'lounger' for him, so that he might eventually, at some point, put his feet up and rest and admire all the work he's done.
The weather has been a little unpredictable lately so we didn't plan anything special. Our children called to wish me a happy father's day which was great. Jan and I celebrated by having a beautiful steak dinner. I grilled a couple, big, rib eye steaks and we had baked potato, fresh green beans, a nice salad, and a bottle and a half of Merlot. Probably my favourite dinner. As it turned out, the weather was great. Clear blue sky, sunny, and about 25 degrees.
I worked. Dad got a phone call. All the dads at work got cards we made from their babies.
Uncle Jaja
It was my first-ever Father's Day as a father. My son gave me a t-shirt saying that I'm #1 dad.
Drank beer.
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Drank beer.

Very senceable, I'll remember for next year, fathers day jeezus!
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It was my first-ever Father's Day as a father. My son gave me a t-shirt saying that I'm #1 dad.

Sorry, I presently hold the #1 rank. You need to set him straight.

Happy first fathers day to you.

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