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As some of you have noticed, I like to post articles from MNN (external - login to view) here once a week or so. But this week, though much has happened on Turtle Island, I couldn't bring myself to post anything from them.

Between yesterday and this morning, I poured over all the new articles, that have sprung up since my last visit and nada. Not a single thing worth repeating.

Oh there were tons of new articles. There was no shortage there. It was the content and the paranoid commentary that made me walk away and leave them to broadcast their own tripe.

When queried on the MNN (external - login to view), I've oft stated quite clearly and succinctly, take all you read there with a block of salt and for good reason.

Yes I read the articles, yes I go there often, but not to be informed by the OP/ED pieces, but by the events that spawned them.

You see, the MSM doesn't even cover a small fraction of what is going on in the Native world within Canada. It's left to fester and boil on its own. It truly needs the same scrutiny as the Parliamentary buildings in Ottawa and Toronto.

I think this further exacerbates the issues faced by the First Nations.

Sure, when we're stomping our feet or pounding our drums in a protest, we get great coverage. But the little hinky details of the day to day minutia, miss the TV screens of the nation. This limits public scrutiny and so long as the public, Native or not, doesn't get to see what is going on behind the scenes as we do with the Canadian Parliament, things will never change in any relevant way.

In my late 20's, I met several members of the Toronto Metis community. We all had similar feelings of despair, with regards to the corruption and lies within the leadership. Both National and Provincial.

They had the proof, I the gift of voice, righteous indignation, lol, and tenacity. Together, we set out to rid the system they were members of, of corruption and theft. The goal, transparency and accountability within the offices of Tony Belcourt.

There were trips to Queens Park and Ottawa, meetings with the both the Provincial and Nation MIA's. We contacted the MSM dailies and broadcasters. The only outlet that would give us a podium was, the Tansi paper. A monthly paper dedicated to Toronto's Native community. It was an outlet. We used it. I wrote OP/ED piece after OP/ED piece. Asking, no demanding, the Metis and First Nations people stand and be counted. Have their voices heard and heard clear. But it was for not. We received death threats. The then President of the Toronto Metis council was stripped of his Metis status, (As absurd as that sounds, the PCMNO, have that ability) though he can actually trace his liniage right back to the Red River and Louis Reil. Me? I became a pariah in my own community. Long time friends lost my number, turned on me and joined the ranks of the criminal nepotism class. You see, we were but a few. With our own money as our bank roll and our own voices as our vanguards. The leaders, bank rolled by Ottawa, propped up by the MIA's corporate entity and defended by pay off.

The status quo must reign.

It seems, though the proof was substantial, it stood the test of scrutiny the MSM would apply. It just wasn't news worthy enough for them to address.

The people that brought this to the light of day weren't just mere peasants. These were men of stature and substance. Doctor, Lawyers and blue collar pseudo intellectuals. But none the less, all easily ignored.

The light must be turned on, the roaches exposed as they frolic in the cookie jars of tax payers money. But so long as the news must entertain the mondain, and the MIA believes the status quo is worth supporting to save their own careers. This justice will never see the light of truth.
You medal is in the mail, it has an extra long gold chain to fit arround your swollen head.
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You medal is in the mail, it has an extra long gold chain to fit arround your swollen head.

Nothing like missing the point DB. Monumentally I might add.
lone wolf
I'd like to see your mag spread out beyond the First Nations communities. There are some woefully ill-informed people out here. One of them shared ignorance right in these forums a few days back.
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Nothing like missing the point DB. Monumentally I might add.

The point was to tease you I missed nothing. Why do you wonder at the lack of indiginous MSM coverage?The programe of cultural genocide demands that the indiginous peoples not be heard and continue to endure marginalization. Every year the first nations fall further and further behind in numbers, many of your community leaders fall victim to the curses of power and greed, I see no way out of that end Bear.
Thanx Wolf...

DB, I apologise, I missed the sarcasm and the friendly taunt.
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