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Quoting darkbeaver (external - login to view) Damn unions who needs child labour laws anyway and all those rediculous labour laws and how about the whimpy 40 hr week. What kind of man only works forty hours a week? Last time I talked to Hargroove he had big plans for me, that was 1985, I had other thoughts. While it is true that unionism has these days a bad rep it is truer still that the working class laments its seeming invisability as this depression unfolds we will see a resurgance in union activity and membership, and we will remember why unionism evolved in the first place.
Your characterizations of unions causing nothing but trouble is incorrect Johai, the list of social benefits directly attributable to the labour movement is very long, everyone of them of vital importance to the social fabric of this nation. Union membership has fallen steadily in the last three decades by design concurrent to that has been a steady drop in real income and a most destructive decline in good paying industrial jobs. The term McJob has weight and meaning. What working men and women the world over laboured and died to bring into law has been all but lost by the flunkys of the Church of Neo-Liberalism. We will witness worse before we witness better. It's a subject worthy of discussion.

Feel free to provide a list of plant closeures caused by unions. Feel free to provide a list of benefits provided by capitalist enterprise.
Hey Dark - Johai here,

Unions : in your own backyard--Steinberg's/Miracle Mart/Hyper Marcher >>>> bled Mitzi and Mel dry
in Windsor ON--Chrysler truck plant--Chrysler trim plant--Kelsey Hayes--Oakville ON--Ford truck plant and Edmonton AB--Maple Leaf Foods plant.
Capitalists: I always was in management and what ever benefits the unions gained were
afforded to managers.

You know that we could go back and forth on this all day and never agree. So I'll concede.
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