Never received a refund...

Yesterday I did my 2007 Income Tax and owe the government money. This of course is nothing new. Yet this is my 40th return and I have never received a refund. Am I alone in this?
Has anyone else never received a refund? GST rebates do not count.

Hi, Jo .... Good Morning!

Can't sleep either? Are the taxes irking you???

I haven't done mine yet, but that shouldn't be a big job, being retired.

Usually I have gotten money back, but I remember a couple of times I had to pay.

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I notice, Mr. FUBAR can't sleep either!!! Poor soul!
Dexter Sinister
Seriously now, you don't want to get a refund. If you get one, it means you've paid too much and the revenuers have had the use of your money without paying you any interest on it. Ideally, I would prefer to pay them nothing until April 30th, then drop the whole lump sum on them, but they won't let you do that, and I doubt I could arrange my financial affairs well enough to have the lump sum available anyway. What I try to do instead is arrange things so that I owe them as small an amount as I can, usually under $100. I'd like to end up owing them $2, because a balance of $2 or less isn't charged. That amount should really be closer to $100 though, it must cost them at least that much to process the cheque, government processes being what they are.
My only thoughts are to make sure you use all available deductions and credits. For example, if you travel more than 40k to a medical appointment you can claim travel and meal expenses. If over 80k you can claim accommodation expenses as well. If you use your home for any kind of self-employment consider deductions for business use of home expenses. Dig through the ccra site and see if there is something you are missing out on.

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