Financial industry in Canada

Hiya, how is the financial industry in Canada recently by any chance with the credit crisis debacle?
Is the job market in finance contracting?

For those who work in finance, do you use headhunters' services and if you do, which ones would you recommend?

Toro, US' is rather in a dodgy situation now ay?
A billion dollar "made in Canada mess"

Not to steal your thread, but, just as an add on. (external - login to view)

Sorry dickdwads, but it ain't my mess Although gawd knows UNOHOO will be very likely saddled with the fallout.

Me and mine have lived within our means, keeping consumer debt below 1000.00 for years. Pretty much under 500.00 actually. Used car, RSP's, regular deposits in the ol savings account, investing only in blue chip stuff when it tanked during the last recession, and paying off our mortgage years ago.

For this we see our taxes go up every year, the welfare rolls inflated, uneducated immigration encouraged, gas and oil,......wellllll..........., hydro is down of course (hit the Sarcasm button), and the powers what am keep taking their performance bonuses, and we are told that
WE have to "TIGHTEN OUR BELTS" !!!! Get the **** outa here. Just who in particular is this WE you speak of???????????

Ah well, can't beat em, and I sure as hell am not psychotic enough to join em. Greedy bunch of *******s.

Nuggs rant for today.
good luck with the job search.
Hey Nugg...

Ever been to a Canadian casino..?

People go to bet because they believe they can win....! Some do win but far more lose big-time and the same goes for "investments". When the 'house' designs the system to favor itself...what outcome is most reasonable to expect....?

Childish nonsense to believe that any but the rich have a favored position in this country!

I think that the financial industry in Canada is contracting.

That gives you plenty of time to go get your MBA. When you get out, they'll be hiring again.
I'll graduate in early Sep actually cause my MBA is only 1 year. Do you reckon the market is not contracting anymore by that time? I do hope so, but am skeptical
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