Well.. Hello there!

I have updated my bio so you know a little bit about me. BUT here's an intro: From Sacramento California Weighing in at 195.8 pnds standing 6ft 1 inch residing in High point N.C. ... QuadK. (Hiss of the crowd boo's and such.) I am the bacon fryer the razor wire wearing expensive attire that you call a liar. Nah really: I was raised in Cali for 2 years until my father was slaughtered mafia style in my living room in front of me. Then my family crossed the United States settling in N.C. I lived there and dug roots. I'm grown now and over a quarter century old. If I disagree with you I probably always will , but am still open minded to people using theirs. I find it sad when people label others with catchy phrases like alcoholic or Bi polar. Although I drink a lot at a time , I enjoy sobriety just as much when it's time to be that way in my opinion , and don't drink that often. I am not religious and think , personally , that religions of all kind are nothing more than creative writing (which is one of my jobs). However some scripts make sense and are incorporated in my thought process. If I don't agree with you I will disagree publicly most of the time. I have 3 kids one of which I haven't seen since 2007. I believe in disciplining your own children how you see fit as long as you care about their human rights and are humain. I think the government should get off my phone and my *censored* and try to do some good but that that won't happen when it's run by the ones running it. (rich f&%@) I always believe in being non absolute or thinking always. I like movies , games , being happy , freedom , wrestling , quality time , winning , and sex. I can't stand pests , insects , parasites , Amoebas , or absolutionists. If you fall in that category stay away from ME or expect my post. I am afraid of nothing. I have faced death personally more than 5 times and laughed to it's dismay. Still waiting to kick it in it's nu@ #$ and laugh again , I now do a new or redo an old , rap every day at K.Y.S.N.B. studios wich I own. I am married with a G.E.D. and kicking around the rotten fruit I was payed with for my labor. Also between jobs at the moment I spend a lot of my time on line. See ya soon.
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lone wolf
Ha! This is the Internet. I can be big. I can be small. I might be the monster you won't see at all 'til I come from behind you or get in your face and offer a hand for to hit or to shake....

Welcome aboard....

Exactly . WAS that a shot?
I mean ; I am the answer and the question and your indigestion?
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Thanks hope we can agree on something we both have to live here.
Good evening to you , you're having a busy life, welcome.
Thanks and yes I'm still having a LONG and busy night! But I can't add anyone as a friend? Or view their profiles? I enjoy reading posts directed towards me but can't reply to most of them. (unfortunately) Any way thanks for the welcome. I have just returned here after a 2 year deficit or " vacation " as their pres calls it. Nice to meet you sorry this isn't on your page so add me if you want.
Welcome Quad...always nice to have a fresh perspective on things. Sounds like you've lived quite a rollercoaster life already.
Yeah but I keep hiting my head!? Thanks and welcome YOU! I've been here just waiting for a response. Nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon. And thanks for being you and finding Me!
Welcome QuackK

Nice ta meetcha.

parlez vous?
Welcome QuadK - hope you enjoy yourself here.
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