Harpo, the great negotiator


We all deserve to be chained to posts and whipped for allowing this twit to run our country.

If we didn't vote for him, can we just watch?
NO, grab your pitchfork and take to the streets.

Guillotine will be set up in each village.

I'm in charge.


fine, but can we have looting and fires too so I can pop a few marshmallows on the pitchfork?
Long as you clean the blood offn the fork first, and share the mellows.

Allons mes enfants, toujours la libertie..........but we gotta say it in English.

Now, stop. Yer boss sees ya, and y'll get fired.

I want his hair
Quote: Originally Posted by NugglerView Post

Now, stop. Yer boss sees ya, and y'll get fired.

Well I'm not at work yet, so if they're watching me they're sad, sick and twisted little stalkers!

In which case I say we burn them first!
Quick, get the mallows!
Too much!!

Okay, hair is yours Durka Durka. I don't want any part of him.

Nice smilies Zan............ (still too much work)

Coffee time.

This is the "democracy" Canadians are dying for in Afghanistan.

Hug a Conservative an afterlife in Hell is nothing to look forward to......
I voted NDP.... the lesser, more incompetently back stabbing of the bunch.

*Reads article*

Meh, doesn't sound all that new to me, and not the first time this happened. Although, I still think the entire government should be restructured to prevent idiotic, capitalistic crap such as this.
Oh, come on Nuggler....the Council for Canadians? Maude Barlow and her merry bunch of paranoid leftist fanatics?

These people are simply silly.......

Their only real value is comic relief....
Ah the Conservative chant...."leftist lunatics"...... never mind addressing the usurpation of Canada's electoral process just demonize the messenger.....

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