Need advice: Kiwi wanting to immigrate to Canada.

Hi guys, I'm desperate for useful advice and thought I'd come here.

1. I'm in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa (expires end of March). I work in IT - I'm a software trainer/account manager (with an IT support & sales background). I have a Bachelor's in Commerce (IT/Marketing), Microsoft Certified Professional, EBay Certified Consultant.

2. I'm married to a Canadian, whom I met in Europe. Which is what brings me to Canada

3. I have enough points for the Skilled-worker class, but I would need to apply from NZ and the processing time is quoted as around 18 months.

4. My work tried to get a Labour Market Opinion but it got denied. (I found the job via Craigslist so the job description was just incomplete & and the salary low, by the Dept of Labour standards).

5. It looks like the only solution is go for Family sponsorship, if we are to continue living in Canada. However, my wife is a chef's apprectice and doesn't earn a huge amount. Enough for both of us to live (once my permission to work expires) but I don't know if it's enough for sponsorship.

I'm just looking for some advice on this. Is Family sponsorship the best way to go? Also would I need to apply for a visitor's visa in order to stay here after end of March? (I imagine it will take a while for the Family sponsorship to be processed)

All this bureaucracy is confusing and frustrating. We would love to live in Canada, but the more we look into this, the more it seems like we should just move to NZ.

Thanks for the help.
Frustrated Kiwi....
From the little I know, family sponsorship is the easiest way to go. And how much your wife makes is not an issue, so much as that she does make something, and is not on welfare or disability.

Family sponsorship isn't all that hard if you just jump into the paperwork and get it done.

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