Legs Legs Legs

Who has a leg fetish?
I do...
I love female legs.
The good ones, I , mean
Dexter Sinister
I think I might have a more generalized female fetish. Nice legs are good, T&A are good, a pretty face is good, a cheerful and friendly personality is good, intelligence is good, a vulgar sense of humour is good... I like women, and of the thousands I've met in my many years here, I can think of only three that weren't worth knowing. And I don't think about them much.
I admit I like a bit of leg. But maybe like Dexter I also admire a number of other attributes both outside and in. The little curve from shoulder to neck, the ultra-sensitive space from thigh to stomach, the understanding of movement and a delicate tease of the eyes. I like when a woman knows she's a sexy minx and handles herself that way when appropriate.

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