Cold a Shock to Recent Immigrants

Well when it's friggin cold out and we say "oh, it's chilly" or "titz a bit nipply" it is also a comparison to the average temp for the season, not compared to the summer temps.

For example, if it's -12 out and there's a windchill of about -20 or so, we'd say "Brrr.... that's a bit unpleasent" ~ But that's also in the same mentality as "It could be worse then this."

It's like looking at the bright side of the hell we live in.
I know guys, I was just having some fun.

Understatement is actually one of your endearing habits - Stiff upper lip, Eh! in the best British Tradition.

There are days that I miss the african sun, especially when my fingers are frozen stiff and stupid. However, I wouldn't trade this country for the world, despite the fact that I find some winter days brutally cold, especially when the mercury dips below -30 C.

The one thing that continues to amaze me in winter is not the snow or the cold but rather the absolute silence in winter, when even the sound of snow crunching under your shoes sounds loud. I'm assuming that snow tends to absorb sound rather well.

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