Mysterious ghostly face appears in pals' mobile phone photo

A group of teenagers had their photo taken on a mobile phone (or, as Americans and Canadians call it, a cell phone) and a creepy-looking mysterious face was captured in the picture amongst them....

Mysterious 'ghostly' face of child appears in mobile phone photo of teen pals

24th January 2008
Daily Mail

Frightened teenager Matthew Summers was given the creeps after taking a snap of seven friends - and finding a mystery eighth face staring back.

The photograph appears to show the floating ghostly image of a child, which appears to be peeping through between the legs of his friends.

Matthew, who took the haunting picture with his mobile phone, explained: "I zoomed and I saw a face.

Ghostly: A ghoulish child stares back as a little girl cries in Matthew Summers' photo

"You can see all the facial expressions and everything. Usually when you see pictures like that it's a blur but this one is really weird.

"I was really shocked because I don't believe in that stuff."

Matthew, from Norton, Teesside, took the picture in his sister's friend's living room.

Mysterious: The floating face can can clearly be seen at knee height between two girls

"I've sent it to my girlfriend and she thinks it's a bit weird," he added.

While such pictures are rare, many people have had similar experiences.

The Ghost Research Society has been collecting so-called “hauntings” since 1977 and you can view hundreds of ghoulish photos on their website (external - login to view)

Ghosts are said to be the apparition of a deceased person, frequently similar in appearance to that person.

Haunted: Matthew Summers took the mysterious photo on his camera phone

The belief in hauntings is closely tied to ancient ideas that everything in nature has a soul, including human beings, animals, plants, rocks.

One of the oldest accounts of ghosts is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which shows dead people reappearing much as they did before death, including the style of dress.
the human mind can identify a face in almost any random pattern of dark and light. It's only to be expected that with the millions of photos taken every year, some of them will have random patterns of light which look like faces.
Appropriate avatar Hermann , though I never really could see a man in the moon, looks more like an upside down rabbit.
huh... here I always thought it looked like craters.
Cosmic scrimshaw
Quote: Originally Posted by ToningtonView Post

Appropriate avatar Hermann , though I never really could see a man in the moon, looks more like an upside down rabbit.

That upside-down rabbit is right-way up to viewers in australia. Down there, the rabbit IS the man in the moon, and he's an alien, with antennae

I was trying to compare the way the curtains lay behind them or the wrinkles in their jeans, to the "face" to see if it could very well be a pattern of light/dark, but it doesn't seem to match up. At least not to me anyway.
Looks like a chubby cheeked little kid.
What i don't get is where the baseboard went. It runs along the whole back of the frame, but not that section. But, there might be something sitting there, I don't know. It is creepier than most though
Looks an awful lot like the woman directly above it. Cell phones take notoriously bad photos. I wouldnt rely too heavily on this photo as any "proof" of a haunting....
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