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January 14, 2008 (Runs 12:1
Can art turn junior jihadis away from extremism? Nancy Durham reports on an experimental program for convicted terrorists in Saudi Arabia

Read Nancy Durham's Report from Abroad and view photos from a different prison in Saudi Arabia, Al Haer, where hardcore jihadis who refuse to recant their views are held. It may be the most secure prison in the world.

This documentary also explains the lack of knowlege new recruits have of their own religion, which many in western society also tend to believe. It's not just art, but also talking and education. They are talking about winning the war on terror though their new approaches in what you see here.

I found it quite educational in a few aspects and helps show you a small look into how Saudi Arabia is approaching Extremists and their mentalities within their own country.

Perhaps us in the western world should take heed and observe what they are doing and how they live. They're not as evil as some administrations would like you to think.


Do you think this apprach has value, or is it just a waste of time?
By the way, there's something a bit odd about a Muslim listening to "Nothing Compares to You" on the radio at the begining, lol.
Wow. Thanks for sharing that Prax.

Can it help? I think so. It's a new approach to an old problem, and this is what is needed imo. It's only a beginning, and I doubt it will rehabilitate all who go through the program, but even if only a single person finds a better way to live his life, express and act upon his desire for change, it isn't a waste of time.

I also agree it's time we stopped allowing ourselves to write off the huge number of people who get caught up in the jihad movement as just evil creatures with no humanity within them. Their actions are inhumane, to be sure - but I don't believe they all lack humanity. Understanding what motivates this sort of behaviour and addressing it from a more deep- rooted place makes much more sense to me.

That said, I don't think this is the end-all solution either. The search for new approaches should continue; I suspect they too will be needed.

I do wish them success - it's a huge but worthy endeavor.

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