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Ron in Regina
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Yepper, Ron, kind of a yuck even then.

We just had a tiny TV with rabbit ears, so guess how much reception we got.

Brings back old times for sure...

..............Soldiers of Fortune..........Now, THERE was a show........after school about 4:30. It's a wonder I passed that year......or any year for that matter..

For me it was the Original campy Adam West "Batman!" Bang! Pow! Zing!
and Ron a lot of other `acceptable` expletives`.....sort of a yuk...but it is on every day now and it actually makes newer shows look bad...what have we come to?
I watched a beautiful nature show tonight about the lives of four particular bald eagles, and how they struggled through the season, hunted, built their nests, raised their young, etc.
The photographer struggled by spending endless time in blinds, cameras built beside the
nest, and it was very real and original and true.
When done correctlyas this was done and not staged one gets to see the effort that has been put in and nature in its true reality.

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