so im sleeping with my mom tonight and was wondering when was the last time you slept in bed with a parent?
Probably 35+ years ago.
hmmm... I can't think of the last time I slept with one of my parents. But it's not abnormal when we're at my folks' house for everyone to pile into their bed in jammies to watch tv.
I'd rather sleep on the floor!
never... we were never allowed in their room....
lone wolf
You type very well in your sleep....

I don't remember ever sleeping with my parents...but, I'll tell ya a funny story...I stayed at my Father in Laws house with my ex, we always usually slept on the pull out in the living room, but on this night I was tired, and wanted to go to bed earlier than the boys, so, we took his bed and he slept in the living room. In the middle of the night I got up to pee, and promptly headed to the living room pull out when I was done...I was stark father in law cuddled right into me, but then realized something was awry, so, he woke up asking, "Am I in the wrong bed here, or what"? I instantly realized what had happened and ran into the bedroom...the next morning, he kept winking at me and asked me to make "your men some breakfast"....was one of my most embarasing moments ever!
Not since I was a little kid.
so I am new here..but I just have to ask.. why were you sleeping with your mom??
My Mom has been gone since 1956 but I would entertain the idea of sleeping with someone else's daughter......
you sound much as you entertain the thought... it would probably end up being someone else's mother
lone wolf
Quote: Originally Posted by jennView Post

you sound much as you entertain the thought... it would probably end up being someone else's mother

Ya?... And your point is? Wouldn't been the first time I've been with someone's mother either

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grandparents are staying over and theres no other place for my parents to sleep so i had to
so you slept with your mom AND your dad???
well I HAD to ask....
dad passed away in 04 so no i wasn't sleeping with him
I'm made nomention of him.. yet refered to parents.. so I was confused..

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