Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone on this forum a very merry Christmas and the best in the rest of 2007 going into 2008. May you find peace and happiness during whatever you may be doing for Christmas.

There probably won't be many of us online tomorrow or even today, so I hope I got this up in time.
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008
Same to you too Andem. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great 2008!
I love this time of year- it brings out the best in everyone.

Thank you to all you choose to spend their time here with us - my life is richer for having shared your time, your thoughts, your camaraderie, your friendship.

Baaaa humbug.
Merry Christmas Andem.

None of that bah humbug stuff DL.
Ahh BUM hug!

Merry Christmas boss.
Wishing you a great one
Merry Christmas everyone! All the best of the season.
L Gilbert
And a peachy tomorrow for everyone from my wife, my 2 daughters, my Mum, my wife's Mum & Dad, and myself, as well.

Socrates the Greek
Marry Christmas and a Golden 2008 every one!
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Socrates the Greek
Marry Christmas to all of you and the world!
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MERRY CHRISTMAS Andem and All. Best wishes to those who don't celebrate the season.

Hoping everyone had a stress free and memorable Christmas!

Cosmo / Sandy

Dexter Sinister
Ah, what a great Christmas this one's been. All the children at home for it, shared Christmas dinner with our favourite friends, the gift exchange was a surprise and a delight, and our children in particular got together and gave my wife and me a truly staggering, stunning, gift to the household that shows a substantial investment of both money and time to prepare, and a profound understanding of what interests us. Damn, we did a good job with those kids... This Christmas Day, as Christmas Day usually does, validated everything that I value most: home, family, friends, love, care, charity... That's what it's about.

May you all feel as blessed and fortunate as I do, on this day and every day. I am an absurdly happy man today. Have you seen the old movie version of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sims? Near the end of it he says, in a superbly acted paroxysm of delight, "I don't deserve to be so happy." I know how he felt. I probably don't deserve it either, but I'll sure take it.
Merry Christmas to all (a day late and a dollar short ... or 365 days (2008 is a leap year) early for Xmas 200.
Big Xmas Dinner with our four daughters and families present, lots of love and laughter
and hugs.

Merry Xmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.
This sums up my view on the season.....

"i am glad that christmas will soon crescendo. however languid i am lately i will march and dance on january 3rd when i can be sure that the festive spirit is dead all around me.
christmas seems to have been lingering like a dreadful fart since autumn. let me describe the odyssey of that fart....
sometime in late october, as the supermarkets sell their last pumpkin, a diseased and filthy santa farts on the shop floor. it is a little fart, silent as a mouse's, but it is has a magical transformative quality and gathers pace like last years tsunami. nobody smells it at first save the very keen (hmmm festive cranberry bleach in sainsburys? wonder if someone will use it to aid their suicide) but it insidiously diffuses...
soon the supermarkets completely reek of it, and every trip there to buy pepsi and bread makes the people sick. quickly the fart spreads out onto the streets, so foul its smell it lights them up. by now the people are acquainted with the smell and it's in their lungs, their bodies, their blood.
some of them find themselves intoxicated by fart and go out in the streets expressly to inhale. the wires of the media are infested by fart - the telly occasionally broadcasts in smellyvision and the magazines and newspapers are emblazoned by seasonally decorated turds. the people now are so addicted to methane they let it into their houses where it frosts the windows and festoons the walls with its stink. by this time the televison stations have switched from digital transmission to full blown smellyvision and when the presenters now open their mouths to speak they speak in fart.
the magazines and papers stop printing on paper in favour of ****, and all reading makes your hands brown. suddenly we are all arrested as the fart, like the tsunami, after gathering momentum hits the beach...a number of people submerge into the fart as it pulls away and they drown. there are a number of casualties besides, and few are untouched. but gradually the sickening smell of the fart recedes and the survivors all comment to one another how sickened they are by its stench...its stale lingering makes them weak and irritable. many will suffer post-traumatic shock and commit suicide in january.
the air will eventually rarefy and there will be no trace of the fart. everyone will forget that there was a fart, save a wise few...making them vulnerable to another attack soon enough when a santa -next september maybe- decides to let rip right next to the high-stacked cans of beans and peas."
There's a nice boy JBee.

Laura and I got colds for Christmas. Joy! Bah that's not about to keep us down. We have enough alcohol to kick the snot out of any achoobug. A great time we've had so far. I got a new ax in the way of a Takamine 12 string cut away with the electronics package. Nice builtin tuner come with that. New stylin Levi strap too.

Played down at our local on Sunday for the potluck and jam session. It was great that my wife and a bunch of new friends got in on that. It's been a long time since I did that.

We had the turkey dinner and all the fixins you would expect and presents of all sorts passing from hand to hand with love. The big one though was that my son proposed marriage to that gal o' his and she accepted. Flashy ring and tears set a whole new glow on the festivities. Seems as though we're going to Japan for a wedding. Most awesomo forum san!

We've been testing some new ideas with ribs and pork roast and so any gains made from dieting have gone out the window. But I tell ya, there are some killer versions of old standards ready and waiting.

All in all I've had a very good time of it the last couple of weeks. I think this new year will be a good one and I'm looking forward to the many prospects with a renewed vigor for the up coming changes for my wife and I.

I hope you all had a great Christmas too and that the important things still make you feel the way you should at this time of year.

All the best for the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

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