Online Shopping Friggin' Rocks

Well I must say, online shopping saved my butt this year. I started shopping last weekend on Saturday. Went to the mall, well three malls in two cities, but anyway, I could only find half of what I was looking for.

Enter computer. Sat down at the computer with a couple of beers, voila. I had all my stuff.

Would it come in time?

Holy Crap! It's all here already. Whew! Canada Post and UPS came through. Now just some wrapping...
I haven't gotten brave enough to use online shopping yet, however others who I know that do shop online also love it and tell me it is the best! Good luck with wrapping, I hope you have good tape not like that dollar store crappy tape that doesn't tear right and then you have this long balled up piece of tape that is no good for anything ahhh!
Bah Humbug!
That's awesome eh!

I never think of it in time, and I don't trust enough to order and just hope.
That's pretty sweet Eh! Unfortunately I have to head into Calgary tomorrow to finish up my shopping, gahhh!
Know what's even better than online shopping? Online investing!

Spend a few dollars on emails, phonecalls, and faxes, and sit back and wait for that investment to mushroom into a sizable fortune. It's like a get rich quick scheme without the scheme. Totally legit and damn easy.
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