To gift or not to gift

Okay, so, our gift list this year off the top of my head...

hubby's family.... 2 grandparents, 5 neices.

my family.... 2 nieces, 1 brother+girlfriend, 2 grandparents, hostess gift for sister, gift exchange, santa gifts for kids, mom and dad gifts for kids, kids gifts for kids, kids gifts to parents, parents gift to parents.

friends... two adorable neighbor boys, hostess gift for friends having us for new years, gifts for the two boys where we're staying for new years.

Now the notes are coming home from the school about secret santa and such.

Okay... so... none of these need to be crazy expensive gifts of course, but, it does get to be ridiculously expensive just through sheer volume.

So where do you draw the line? Do you buy for kids' teachers? Gifts or tips for mailmen?
When it gets to be to much, then those "extras" come to an end.
I nolonger buy for teachers, mailmen, etc.
Unless they are truly special to you in some way and you can afford to do it, then by all means, buy them a small gift but if not, then why put yourself out? As far as a service provider is concerned, you could honour them with a token of appreciation at any time of the year.
We were in the same boat. Christmas was absolutely nuts as to who we bought for. We changed that this year. I was able to eliminate 10 people from my list. Made life a little easier and the credit card isn't smoking from over use.

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