Post a pic of yourself

Post a pic of yourself. I'll start with a pic of me.

That be me.
wow...I just spent an hour and went through the other thread with all the photos,
and I must say, I was pleasantly entertained by the assortment of personalities, sights and images.

Its funny how your preconceived idea of what something may look like
is usually quite different than reality! lol

anyway, I am really trying to find the time to visit this site more often and fit in....
so here's my photo to help start off this thread:
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this is me:

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this is me:

Yer livin' the dream b'ye!
I used to do that all the time
(post funny pics instead of revealing my ugly mug to the world)
but now I have found comfort in a pretty face (mine that is!)
and have the balls to post it! LOL
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oh god, me too

I wasn't avoiding it, just thougth it was funny regarding recent events

lemme find one....

This is me in one of the weird rock formations on Gabriola Island.

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