Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean Online (Players?)

Any members/players of POTC Online here?

What do you think?
Looks kinda interesting. Is there a fee down the road? As well do you start out all on your own or can you join up with other online players as a team?
Nope, never played that one.

I reluctantly gave up World of Warcraft a while ago, not going to pick another 'addiction'.
Unfortunately, I have never had any desire to play any MMO games. I prefer to play single-player games instead.

Though I have to say that it looks pretty interesting.
I am/was a Beta tester for Disney POTC.
(That gives me free access and unlimited usage now)
The game officially went online last month.
There is a basic "free" membership that gives you limited access to things like:
number of weapons you can own or carry, level of ships you can achieve, etc.
I don't have all the details on the membership options.
More involved access, costs varying amounts.

The game involves a "Quest" to hunt down and re-form Jack Sparrow's crew for a mission to capture the Black Pearl. The game is designed to be a single player adventure, but you constantly interact and "team up" with other online players throughout the game. Its a long and involved quest consisting of many different smaller quests and missions. You can always and at any time, go off on other quest, missions, solo adventures, or team up with other players for all kinds of things.

Sailing different ships and battling the Navy or the East India Trading Co. ships is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. There is a large ocean containing many different Islands and Ports for you to travel to and "play" in.

The "quest" has some very tedious and monotonous parts...and yet it is unbelievably addictive.
You can even go into one of the Taverns on the many different islands and sit down to play Poker or Blackjack!
And of course there are so many other "live" players...many new people to interact with and meet. I have also joined the POTC online Forum group to be more involved.
If anyone does care to get involved, please say hello...
and don't hesitate to call on me for hints or help.

My in-game character is "Ned Seaflint" ( and my ship's name is "Outlaw Privateer")

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