I hope you're not all frost bitten yet

Well... here I sit in my dive shop in Tulum looking through postings on this sites and thinking about how I'm glad I'm not freezing my thingummies off up there.
Canadians are welcome down here so come and see me if you like. I won't be up there 'til summer time ooh ooh when the livin' is easy.
Check out my site at www.mayadiving.com (external - login to view) and let me know what you think of it, good or bad.
Any one got a cottage I can rent in Muskoka or Haliburton area next Summer for a couple of weeks. Good bass fishing a must. That's what I miss the most is going out on a lake with the mist in the morning and catching a few fish before the day is begun.
Ah, scuba diving. Love it. But where in the world is Tulum? Never heard of it. I could read your website, which is very nice by the way, but figgered I'd just take the easy route. Cheers, and don't forget to decompress.
Hi Hermie. Nice of you to visit. hope you didn't get sunburnt or anything. Speaking of cheers I'm going to knock off and go for a Sol con limon. (beer). Tulum's in Mexico.
lone wolf
Baah.... It ain't cold until you have to plug in the huskies....

You know it's cold when your New Years cheer turns to gel in the trunk of your car
You know it's cold when you have to thaw out the minnows with a blowtorch, like this one:
That is some minnow. lol

Welcome to the site.

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