The Forgetful Nature of Illness

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I've been stuck in the tub before. Horrid feeling, being helpless and trapped. Being naked definitely doesn't help the helpless feeling.

As for how I am... I was foggy all day, but it seems to be lifting a bit. I've gotten some stuff accomplished despite the fog and that always helps. I've been painting a window mural for the kids for Christmas, and it's looking good, so I'm really chipper about that. I'll take some pics once it's done.

Yeah I can't imagine being trapped in a tub. She said as soon as she had lower herself part way she knew she had made a grave error but by then of course it was too late. Her butt was bruised just from that alone. Had to cab it to work as she couldn't bend her knees.... geepers.

Glad you are emerging and I will hold you to your promise of showing us the mural.
You're are describing my arthritis,the pain and thinking are hard to handle at the same time, chronic pain kills brain cells and the crap they sell us for the pain accelarates the loss. The fog, I'm not sure what you're describing here but it seems faniliar to me though, I associate it with pain which results in a lot of sluggish mental exercises. Is that what you're describing? I'm not sure that what we're all suffering from isn't environmental and the dung we eat instead of food. The summer is pure joy to me, the winters a curse. When the barometers moving I'm tortured.
What I need right now is a hot tub, a deep one that I can get into november 1st and not come out till the sun comes back.
Yes indeed... the slowed mental processes are what I refer to as fog. At its worst, my fibro also makes my optic nerves swell so that light causes refraction along the nerve... the world ends up looking like I'm looking through obscured glass or lace or something. So not only does my brain feel like it's wrapped in cotton, but I can't see right.

The barometer is a huge deal for me as well, but the summer isn't the break from fibro for me that it is for some people. Changes in the summer affect me just as badly as weather changes in the winter. The high heat makes me wicked sick. I love the winter, because I can go outside way more. I do have a hot tub though... I'll share it anytime you feel like popping by
I'v got hypothyrodism too, it makes me feel the cold. My poping distance is very restricted, I don't travel well unless I'm heavily drugged, the vibrating vehicles wrecks me, even a ten K trip is like a bad beating without the bruises. Well Karrie you know my herbal remedy for everything, I can't recommend it enough but at the same time it may not be everyones ticket. This harvest season was pathetic though I did get to experiment with making very clean bubble hash which had not any paranoia associated with it, the pain relief was very nice and the smoke thick and smooth and stunning. Bit of a shock on the yield though at 9 parts bud to 1 part hash, however all the goodies are in the result and the lumber and leaf is left behind. I have just finished the trials with it (which means I'm completely out) and can say it's my balm. Next year allah willing I'll secure a years supply. Hang in help is on the way.
I tried marijuana, but I went crazy paranoid on it. It'll take me a while to be willing to try again.

The pain relief from it was days long though. Much better than the prescriptions.
hmmm hot tub.... creative pain relief.... and I just saw a ginormous bottle of vodka around here somewhere... looks like a party! I join yas?
sure thing Zan. Pop on over!
Who wants to remember pain but as vaguely as possible? Get well and forget. It is human naturen to take things like good health for granted. Remember good health when you are healthy. Remember heat when you are warm. Remember your family before you die.

Too many good things to remember - working on remembering the bad - doing well at it - immediate pain acheived. Not feeling that great come to think of it.

In Heaven we will learn the need of pain, but we will forget it once and for all.
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ZanGin, mmmmm maybe I can make that HotTub therapy session, pain sometimes has it's exquisite side.

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