Is anyone else having a problem getting bumped out of here frequently? If it is the forum service provider that is cool. If it is MY service provider they are gonna hear from me.

Anyone else. I don't want to rag on some kid if it isn't their fault. On the other hand I pay a fortune a month for my service so if the problem is on my end I need to know.

Thanks guys.
It's the forum servers... Andem's working on getting an extra one up and running for us eventually (what a doll!), but until he can get it going, we'll have some bumps and glitches.
Ah, no problem with that. And thanks for the info Karrie.

Andem, if ya read this hang tough buddy. The place looks amazing. If it sucked I wouldn't even care if I got bumped.
Oh and p.s. karrie, sorry that puter pic was so freaking large, had I known I would have resized the little sucker before using him.
lol... no worries. I have no idea how to resize, so I certainly wouldn't have the gall to complain. lol.
meh, they shrink easily, hell one of my looks can wilt 'em
lol... that withering huh?

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