The Real reason People Become Depressed After Christmas

Oh, and as for the Santa thing.

I'm sitting the kids down tonight to write letters to Santa which will include a note about their whereabouts come Christmas day. Plus, we'll have access to his e-mail address to let him know if plans change at the last minute (winter in Canada you can never assume you'll make it where you plan to go at Christmas).
This is one circumstance wherein being poor is a terriffic advantage.....

Life has been kind enough to keep my spending regimen closely regulated. No browsing through stores to examine what you can't afford to buy anyway...and probably something that failing the test of for pure and simple pleasure/gratification serves no useful purpose to the person/relative/friend/_____________/ you may entertain as the target of your prosperity.

I've avoided Sally Anns and the local churches on Christmas day....because there's so many people with kids standing in those lines......

Merry Christmas
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We're renovating pretty much everything. The exterior's been stripped to bare plywood, new windows and doors installed. The deck was torn out, and a concrete pad and hot tub put in. Next year, the covered patio goes in. Now that the snow is flying and the outdoor work must come to an end (aside from the contractors coming to do the siding that is... whose materials I just saw were delivered... yay!), we'll be moving inside.

I currently have no real kitchen... just insulated walls and some countertop with a sink plumbed in. My dishes are all on shelving units.

But, the most pressing issue is the bathroom, which needs to be gutted.

Then the kitchen gutted.

Then the flooring taken out and redone.

Then all the walls patched up and redrywalled.

Then, perhaps once the whole upstairs is done and spiffy, we can concentrate on the basement.... which also needs gutting.

it's the only way to keep my hubby sane.

Wow Karrie, kudos to you. If I had to go through that I would hang myself. It'll be worth it in the end obviously. My guy can't even put a shower head on properly. Last night that was the big job before he went home.

He had me wrapping this tape crap around this thingy and that thingy. I even asked, "are you sure". To his credit he did say no.

Damn thing leaked and he was convinced he hadn't tightened it properly which he was supposed to do today as he didn't have the right tool with him.

Mean time, I read the instructions, yeah, we put the tape on the plastic piece which it specifically tells you NOT to do. Helloooooooooo.

He just grinned. I won't even tell you about the time I begged him to change a washer. Good lord...had to have an emergence plumber that time.

I love the instructions for Santa and the email address, just in case...ho, ho, ho. Cute huh....oh the magic.
Imagine all those supposedly cheerful presents and preparation for Christmas "money" goes to charity.
Christmas is not about family relationship and cheerful atmosphere.
Its about remembering of the poor..
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Imagine all those supposedly cheerful presents and preparation for Christmas "money" goes to charity.
Christmas is not about family relationship and cheerful atmosphere.
Its about remembering of the poor..

What poor?

Do you mean all those people in line at foodbanks?

Or perhaps its various charities displaying starving children from all over the world that can be seen between advertising on North American television?

"The poor will always be with us" is one statement that dismisses the condition of millions so why not celebrate our unrepressed consumption and wallow in excess as simply the entitlement of the wealthy while the poor are available as targets for our scorn....

Seems perfectly fair, humankind's been doing this for a very long time....

We're getting really good at it......
Reading about some of the huge bonuses given out at Christmas to the generally undeserving makes me sick.
I feel I aught to step in and tell my little story about Xmas, so gather round with your coa-coa or horlicks, this is what I have been doing around xmas each year (for you may/not know that I am/was a heating engineer dealing with breakdowns and repairs) usually when knocking on the door the children are curious to see who is calling, and on seeing them (providing their parents are near) I stand with my hand on my chin (looking meditative) and ask the child their name, which they tend to volounteer, and I say " yes that's the name he gave me, the fat guy dressed in red with a white beard, do you know who I mean" once again the answer is always "yes". So I tell them that Santa told me your room is not kept very tidy" ( yes we all know their rooms are usually littered with toys dolls and so on) to which the reply is always the same "yes" . I then say" Santa wants your room tidied from now until xmas and even beyond, to be sure of bringing a present. Some places I returned to after xmas and the parents have told me that they kept their rooms tidy upto but not always beyond xmas. I should add it is just a little fun and is most rewarding to see their faces light up at the mention of Santa. There is a moral which I am trying to put across, that means while the adults are not happy about the season most of the youngsters (don't forget you were one yourself) are enthralled by the magic surrounding Christmas
I was feeling a bit bitter and bluesy about Christmas when the house is upside down and the weather is nasty and life just seems to rush by too quick (yes, I know... take your head out of the temporal vortex that is the net and perhaps it wouldn't pass so fast karrie!), and so I decided to do something to cheer me and get into the spirit of the holidays.

Hubby and I took the kids to the mall to shop for one another. He took the lower floor, we took the upper floor, intending to switch after half an hour. But, within twenty minutes, the kids had both NAILED their gifts for one another for right around $20 each. The sheer excitement... well... there's no way to come close to the excitement of kids at Christmas. I can't wait to take them shopping for their Dad's gifts, their cousins' gifts... it will be so exciting.
karrie, you sum it up nicely, exactly what I was trying to say, in our hearts, if our kids are happy we are more so, for our future generations can make us happy

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