Foreign Student From Sweden

Mass Effect
I have just arrived from Sweden to be a foreign student up at Malaspina University College. I already have a B.Sc and am looking to get into B.C forestry program. Has anyome taken the program at Malaspina or have helpful suggestions??

Also I have just joined the forum after being prodded by the one on this forum Jersay, I am staying with him until I can get residential accomodation at the University.
welcome, hope you enjoy your time here
I was going to go to Malaspina, for their Aquaculture and Fisheries major. I chose to remain here in Nova Scotia. In hind sight, I would have my degree already if I had gone to Vancouver Island. Ahh well. Hope you enjoy it in BC Mass Effect.
Welcome! Looking forward to hearing your observations on life in Canada.
Welcome to the forum Mass Effect. I hope you have fun here. Also welcome to Canada.
I look forward to hearing all about Sweden.

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