Not back yet

L Gilbert
Hey, you wonderful, neat, and interesting people.

I sorta have my puter running. Still glitchy as Dante's subject, though, so I may have to reformat and reload everything back in again. *glum look*

Just I thought I'd pop in and say "hi" so you know I am still live n kicking.

Be back soon, I hope.

Love yaz,
We appreciate the update Les! You've been missed around here.

Hope you're back up and running for real soon!
Good luck with the puter patch Les.

Hope to see you back soon.
Aha! Progress at least, yes? Nice to get these l'il updates every now and again.
I may not know you, but I just thought I would say welcome back, Les...

Nice to meet you...

Hope you get your PC problems all fixed up...
Hello Mr Gilbert. I was just thinking about you the other day. I thought maybe the big guy above took you away. I've been tempted to send an email but ..well glad to see you're ok and on the way back.

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