Bird Dance - Way tooo funny to miss

This is priceless! The bird has got the moves. (external - login to view)
Twila thanks for the reminder - I got that in an e-mail Tuesday and haven't opened it....

I think they were showing it on one news program last night if it is the same one.... he's great.....
I like the head bang at the end. Awesome bird!
Animals are awesome.

I saw a hedgehog last night.

I saw a hedgehog last night.

A wild hedgehog? Hedgehog's have to be one of the most visually interesting creatures!

I almost petted a raccoon yesterday! Trying to befriend a feral. I feed her everymorning. Thought it was her nose in the dark inching towards me. Almost put my hand out for her to sniff when I realized that the nose was wrong. I pulled the food back and stood up. Startled the raccoon enough to leave. Which is how I learned it was not my feral friend, Grey but infact my non feral friend Mr. Racoon!

I see much animal life in this carport. I interrupted Mr. Opossum the other day....He gave me a dirty look as he lumbered out of his warm boxed bed. I felt rather bad about it too.
Yeah, I see all sorts of rabbits around here and had heard people talk about the hedgehog but hadn't seen it myself. I am used to their larger relative, the porcupine, but this was a first. I nice sight after leaving work.
I had an 'Possum family living outside my kitchen window for years

They nestled in the large ivy growing on the fence - and slept there during the day with their tails curled around the strong vines... did you know 'Possums snore...boy do they snore.... heheh....

The enjoyed the backyard with the pool and lived there for at least five generations (maybe more before I noticed them because they are nocturnal).... the babies are so cute/ugly ....but were inclined to fall into the pool and drown which was a heartbreaker...
Dreadful Nonsense
Well i hope it's not what it reminds me of.....
when i was a kid in montreal, i hear they did it in toronto as well...around easter time this toy store would sell dyed baby chicks ...they all died quite quickly when ya got them home from the friend;s did parents wouldn't answer my calls for one....

They advertised them by putting them on this metal stand surrounded by glass and turn on electricity so they would dance..apperently the would die of exhaustion and another would be replaced...

have a nice day...another doc dred happy thought for the day
That was too cute.
Pretty good rythme for a bird.

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