Public Guardian's Office

I am dealing with an estate of a person in Vancouver BC which is somehow with the Public Guardian's

What is the Public Guardian office and its duties ?
They're publicly provided advocates for the legal rights of children, and for adults who can't make their own decisions.
Thanks Karrie.

We don't know what we're getting into as beneficiaries of an estate, but the Public Guardian
office has contacted us and will be sending us written information about it. None of it looks easy.
All of it looks very complicated with property, bank accounts and a son who was left out of it all.
Well, I'd assume that going through the Public Guardians Office, they'll be helping sort it out. It might be easier than trying to do it other ways. But, I've never had to deal with anything like that. Best of luck.
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JIM: It's a big web site, try the link above.

The Public Guardian office has been very helpful. They even complained that the executor was hard to get a hold of and that he only emerged when the Public Guardian stated we would become executors if he didn't respond.

We don't seem to have that kind of leverage. I wonder why an executor doesn't feel the courtesy to respond on the status of it all to the named beneficiaries ?

The lawyer named as executor has declined to respond to any of our emails or letters.
Jim, cc your next letters to the law society of BC and to the public trustee. You'll probably get contacted.
Funny thing about lawyers, some lawyers, most lawyers but not all lawyers, only 90% of lawyers, thier O/K if they know you have another lawyer watching them but then you have to keep them from conspiring against you. Good luck Jim.

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