Jacquie Lawson Cards (Jacquie Lawson Cards)

This lady probably makes the most beautiful e-cards out there. We have some friends who have a membership and they send us these cards on birthdays, Christmas, etc. Each year I promise myself I will sign up but my procrastination seems to get the better of me. Meanwhile, you can look at all the cards for nothing...

Yes I like the interacted thing she does and it's not expensive to join. Thanks for the link.
If you join, pay with US dollars. It's cheaper.
Thanks triedit.
Under "Our Cards" look for "Animated Paintings" and "Keep Smiling"....it's kind of neat...
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Jacquie Lawson has released 3 ecards for the Christmas. Check them out. If you just send 1 card to your Christmas mailing list (or for the people that you don't send the paper cards), it is already worth the membership fee.
Dexter Sinister
Does it not occur to anyone that these sites exist to harvest email addresses for spammers? I don't send e-cards, and anyone who sends me one gets a standard lecture with this central message: do not give my email address to anyone without my knowledge and consent.

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