Jealousy - what do you think of it?


Wait it out the week and see if it's still important once the hormone surge has died down. It's typically not.

Oh I learned this part at a fairly young age. I came from a family that loved to talk, and banter and my father is sharp, quick witted, with an acid tongue when provoked, and I'm a sponge when it comes to words, ideas and facts. I also hate apologizing. So I rarely say anything spontaneously. I always wait to speak until I'm calm, collected and I know it's a real emotion not a reaction or pms emotion.

I honestly don't know if it's possible to prevent unwanted emotions from happening

It is not.

It is however, recommended that you recognize these emotions when they arrive, as they will.

Subsequently, you must acknowledge their existance thereby making them just that much easier to deal with.

Jealousy is a terrible thing
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i doubt it even stops the emotion, but just cuts off any awareness of it

but then... is an emotion you're unaware of still an emotion?

An excellent point. I personally believe that it is only the emotions that you are aware of that really matter. (I hope that sentence is grammatically correct. Still sleeping yet... ) Emotions we are not aware of don't seem to exist for us, thus they can't exert any influence over our life.
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Jealousy is not a natural emotion, it is something you learned. You most likely started off with complete trust, but somewhere along the way that trust was betrayed. At that point you had two choices: bail or put up. If you chose to put up, then from that point on you will have experienced insecurities in the relationship, including jealousy. Once you've learned to feel insecure or jealous, you run the risk of carrying it from relationship to relationship ... depending on whether you had the feelings for 1 month or 10 years. That's my 2C

That is a very interesting approach, Ariadne. Do you mean, that people are not naturally jealous or non-jealous, and that jealousy is a product of past unpleasant experiences? Thinking of it, I come to agree with you... Plus, like Twila, I am suspicious of people, and so there you go...
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