Why Soccer Sucks

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Soccer is the King of sports as it involves great team work, stamina, unmatchable skill, great strategy, quick thinking, and improvisation. I agree that lower scoring makes it a better game but it would be OK if the cross bar at the top of the goal was heightened just a bit:

In the late 1800s the average goalie was only about 5'9"; today he is well over 6' tall. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to score a goal over his head or because of his long reach. On a free kick, the height of the defensive wall makes a direct goal difficult to achieve as well.

Therefore, the ideal solution is to increase the height of the cross bar as it would lead to a slight increase in socring and encourage more aggressive offensive strategy.

Meh, the game evolves. The goalies might be taller, but I'll bet players have stronger legs, and the ball certainly has more pop. I'd also bet heavily todays balls are easier to curl and bend around the wall. Personally I enjoy nice saves. I don't want to see players cracking on from well outside the 18 yard box and sneaking it in between the bar and goalies hands. As it is this year, there have been some horrid gaffs by Premiership goalies with goals sneaking under the bar, or mishandling.
Not only are the goalies taller, the have much longer arms and greater lateral quickness. This, coupled with the taller and faster defenders makes soccer too much of a defensive game.

Because of that, when a team takes a lead, all too often it sits on that lead because it is so difficult to score. I prefer a game of aggressive offense and drive. A higher post would add a bit more offense but not too much.

Anyway, it's a thought ...
Plus, I forgot diving. Diving ruins so many soccer games. Because reffing is so bad they are reluctant to call fouls in the penalty box which leads to penalty kicks and certain goals. Soccer has few shots on net that can lead to goals.

hermanntrude. Tis so, scoring the first goal is simply the strategy of many teams because defences are so tough. Anecdotally I feel this to tbe true, does anyone have stats?

The "Korean" soccer fans are around the world are legion.

A. In Euro 2004 in Portugal there were plenty of empty seats, and down low too! The best soccer teams in one place! Shock! I saw this with my own eyes. Shock!
B. During the 2006 Olympics in Turin there were articles about empty seats and they blame corporations for not distributing the seats. Huh? It means people don't want to go, even with free tickets. Last year, the Detroit Red Wings had many empty lower red seats for games because Americans don't like hockey much-even with free tickets. I await the day Canada takes over the hockey world.
C. I watched the 2007 Asian Games in Doha, during the marathon, there were about ten fans cheering the runners on.
D. Watch for the World Hockey Championships in Europe in 2007 and observe the empty seats.
E. I don't hate soccer, but compared to hockey, it's a dud. Soccer has so much room to improve, it has great athletes, but the presentation is early 20th century. Trench warfare.
F. Soccer players go so orgasmic over a goal because it so rarely happens.
F. Soccer players go so orgasmic over a goal because it so rarely happens.

I agree with that one. Excessive celebrations are unsportsman like and embarass the opponents. More scoring will discourage such misbehavior. Good sportsmanship is something everyone should practice.
Hockey season has started, soccer may now die.
Soccer participants are walking advertisements.

The "World" Cup is not the a World's Cup, but a competition among 32 countries, disproportionately allotted to European countries.

Soccer is boring. Soccer is absurdly slow. I've had soccer apologists say with false pride how the average soccer participant "runs" 4 miles in a game. Newsflash: that means they are jogging less than 3 miles per hour. Translation: they are mostly standing around. BORING.

Soccer participants act like they've been shot - what pansies. Meanwhile, real athletes like Donovan McNabb or Bobby Baun play on broken legs.

Penalty kicks. You are determining a winner by a random event that has no relevance to the rest of the game. It would be as stupid as replacing extra innings with batting practice

Ties: 55% of games are ties. Ties suck.
Why not use your hands? Or your brain?
Soccer participants do not bathe.

The correct term for 0 is zero, not nil. Take a math class.

Soccer is not objective. There is no play clock. The game doesn't end after the clock has run down. This adds bias, subjectivism and appeals to lower intellects, and it destroys the drama from last second victories. Contrast such clumsy timekeeping (shame on the Swiss, who should know better) and the lack of any discernable strategy with the strategic precision of the two-minute drill in football.

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