Nuisance bears....

lone wolf
I saw an interesting one this morning. There is an old forestry road that runs into the bush beside my place. It's a foot path now - used mostly by bears since the blueberries were so lousy this year. Guy just across and down a bit has this mean little cat - female with a four-month-old kitten. She'll attack anything that moves and is stupid enough to go within a hundred feet of there - dogs, other cats, freight trains maybe. I think I might have dated her.

Anyhow, just as the sun was coming up, I was sitting out at the picnic table having a coffee when I heard the silly cat start growling. Sort of sounds like a jet fighter on start-up so you can't really miss it. I heard the bear touch gravel just at the end of my driveway. Hey - I don't bug it; it won't bug me. There's nothing here for it, garbage is in a sealed bin, barbecue's clean and in the shed and I'm sitting. Bears can't see all that well - and I can make myself look REALLY big if I have to. (It scares the bear and gives this worried butt the chance to break through yon door) So, I watched the bear. They are kind of funny....

That cat's growl broke to a scream - like someone stepped on its tail. It made like a fuzzy throwing knife - spit like a lawn sprinkler - and went right for the bear. The bear stood up to get a better look just as the cat climbed it. Poor ol' bar moaned, then yelped, then beat the cat in a race for the bush. Man can bears ever run!

I've noticed a lot of big animals really don't like a fight with anything too much smaller (thus more agile) than them. If it comes flying at them, loud and with claws out, they'll often hightail it.

Good guard kitty.
Where's the camera when you have such a Kodak moment.........
lone wolf
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Where's the camera when you have such a Kodak moment.........

That one was definately a candidate for Funniest Videos! Ninja cat...


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