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Whilst spending some time at another forum, I was encouraged by another member to collectively use a website which simulates government of a "nation" you create for yourself. The idea was that we'd have a special subforum for discussing issues of government. Of course, due to the nature of the person doing the running, it quickly went awry (those who know who i'm talking about know what I mean).

Anyway I've started my own nation there. It's in the region of Taijitu, and called Osmelia. It's currently a left-leaning college state with a population of 14 million. You can see more at this link: (external - login to view)

I'mn particularly proud of the flag, which is a combination of canadian and english flags.

Anyone else got a nation?
I'll only bump this just one time

It'd be neat if anyone else had a nation here, to compare with...
I represent the new, growing state of Howcombria (external - login to view)
oh hi. I never saw your reply. Nice income tax rate you have there....

I think you're giving your citizens too much freedom. Osmelia went from a left-leaning college state to an iron-fist socialism to a "father-knows-best" state. I'm hoping it stays the way it is now. I'm all for free speech and so on, but there has to be a limit.

Other advice I'd give is to remember that the consequences of your judgments are usually taken to extremes, so you might say yes to free-speech and then you'll find that your nation begins airing a racist TV show, which becomes very popular. I tend to make minimal judgments except when i feel very strongly about them. I've even dismissed some of the issues because there weren't any sensible answers available.
I just started playing, looks fun. My nation is Equopia! (external - login to view)

I'll have to look around some more!
good luck :0)
I'm the Republic of Baconaters
today I had an issue about maternity leave. Apparently Osmelia didn't have any laws about it and so mothers had no rights to leave. My three options were:

1) allow leave and screw the businesses
2) do not allow leave at all
3) allow leave but reimburse the businesses from the government

In an ideal world, I felt it should be possible to reimburse the businesses at maybe 50% or something. However this option wasn't available so i went for option number 3, and winced, waiting for my tax rates to increase
Yah, that sounds like an issue that probably needs addressing. I also would have gone with 3. Maybe they will update so that you can make fine tune changes like that. Not too fine, because that would get complicated, but perhaps in quarterlies.
it's really quite a simple website. Make a decision and your nation's description gets a new line and perhaps the tax rises or falls and industry is altered a bit. Still interesting, though.
It is, interesting for sure. My nation didn't quite come out as expected, quite religious, I just decided to appoint a new adviser, we'll see how that works...
how did you do that? was it one of your issues?
Lol, yup. Since my population is so religious/spiritual I thought I'd better do something when they requested a new one.
It will probably backfire I picked the spiritual guy, who is kinda cultish
to those of you still playing, I have created a region called "intact cannonade" for the CanCon players to inhabit. Password is "cancon". There is no advantage to this whatsoever, I just wanted to do it.

to those of you who gave up playing, shame on you, you know who you are

to those of you not yet playing, come on, join in :0)
Heeeey this is cool. I love it.
did you join, sal? Join up with my region
Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrudeView Post

did you join, sal? Join up with my region

Haven't yet checked out the site. Just really love the idea. I have put it under favourites and will fully explore it when I log out. I will join up with your region then hermanntrude... thanks so much.
Phil B
#20 (external - login to view)

Just started up - goddammit another website I click on everyday then..
Quote: Originally Posted by Phil BView Post (external - login to view)

Just started up - goddammit another website I click on everyday then..

Haha too true. I even joined you in Cannonade Herm. I chose anarchy for the political leanings, there was a debate on whether democracy should be compulsory, I had to go with: Makes as much sense as death penalty for suicide.
join the UN too. it opens up more options. i hope to be the region's delegate
Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrudeView Post

join the UN too. it opens up more options. i hope to be the region's delegate

we are going to have to build our region carefully... I got invited to another region already so we will have to get strong... my country is little, yours is big already, but we will see what we can do ...
there are a bazillion regions. apparently sometimes groups of nations 'invade' a region by overwhelming the original inhabitants by numbers. thats why i made a password.

once you're members of the UN we should all endorse each other. there is a minimum number of endorsements you shoul have before u can be a delegate. perhaps we can organize an election when we're all eligable
I should be a UN member by tomorrow.
Hmmm, economic collapse looms.

It really seems to be all or nothing economically in this game. As an anarchic nation I didn't want to regulate incorporation, but I thought private enterprise was fine outside of allowing limited liability. But my issue is:

The Issue

Big business, fed up with over-regulation in Dristhmy, are heading offshore in ever-increasing numbers.
The Debate

  1. "Good riddance!" says noted environmentalist Roger Mistletoe. "Sniff that air! It's never been so clean! At last, our society is freeing itself from the consumer death-trap! I say it's time to take the final step and outlaw capitalism once and for all!"
  2. "This is a catastrophe waiting to happen," says the Chamber of Commerce. "Think of the consequences! Without big business, where do the jobs come from? Where do we get our medicine? Our cars? Our latest fashions? There are dozens of useless regulations the government could abolish today to make life easier for commerce, and it's high time they did."

Small businesses create better jobs, big businesses create cheaper products. Thats what came out of the WalMart lesson isn't it? Without copyright laws anyone should be able to mix up medication in their bath tub and sell it to the community. Which one allows business without allowing limited liability?
And there you encounter the limited scope of the game.
I figure I will go with the hippie. Clearly people can still get shovels to grow their own dope, so hey.
Quote: Originally Posted by NiflmirView Post

I figure I will go with the hippie. Clearly people can still get shovels to grow their own dope, so hey.

So long as the don't use the note to roll their spiff
Quote: Originally Posted by ToningtonView Post

So long as the don't use the note to roll their spiff

Haha, Dristhmy has credits, so I imagine plastic chips or bits on a computer. Apparently the currency will be marijuana seeds soon.

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