Damn! Back to work....

Monday is back to work for me and Mrs Crash. It's been an absolute fantastic 2 weeks and in fact it feels like so much longer. Two weeks back to back is the only way to go. We've done the Maine beach/shopping gig and camping as well. I have to tell ya i'm pretty relaxed.
Nice part about going back tomorrow is i'm playing in an industry golf tournament tomorrow afternoon. Nice.

Anyone here that can't take two weeks off in a row?
I am taking two weeks off beginning next Monday. Guys, you know what? I am finally going on vacation!!!!
I've been waiting for it so long, I've been working so hard all the year, I had a tremendous stress two weeks ago that really needs relief, and I am absolutly exhausted, but next Monday will find at the sea-side, in an absolutely fabulous place, not far from Sochi.

I am already counting days!!!!
Two weeks vacation in a row? Man I can't remember doing that ever.

But I have two weeks in October/November booked for a Florida trip with my guitarist, then the Sunday after I return I fly to Phoenix Arizona for four days on business, followed two weeks later by another three-day business trip to Arizona.

Then we're likely doing New Years Eve in Cuba again since it was such a blast last time.
This time I'm booking us two weeks.

You're right, I think you really do need two weeks to unwind.

Enjoy your trip Vereya!

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You're right, I think you really do need two weeks to unwind.

Enjoy your trip Vereya!


Thanks a lot, Muz!
There was an article in some local rag talking about vacation time. It mentioned that a lot of people go for a series of long weekend and perhaps a week here or there throughout the year.

This apparently doesn't give you the benefit of the time off. I believe they recommended 3 weeks off in a block to allow you to regenerate and begin to start to actually miss some people at work and your job. This distraction is supposed to make you more productive, more interested and a happier person.

They said that two weeks was much better than one and that there was really very little actual benefit from a few long weekends.
I rarely talk off more then a week at a time, my 3 weeks of vacation usually gets broken down into a series of long weekends, which I don't mind.
I might get two weeks when our baby is born, although more likely i'll have to go back after a week or so
In Switzerland I believe, if the one spouse is going to take time off for parental leave, the other spouse must take an equal time off. If one spouse does not, then the government and employer refuse to pay the benefits and the couple is stuck footing the bill. That is the beauty of feminism!
whereas here, I'm not actually entitled to any time off AT ALL, even if my wife didn't take anything. My contract makes me out to be a trainee, despite the fact I have 8 years of degrees and a prefix to my name, which means I don't even get any compassionate leave if my wife dies. The only way I can have leave is if my boss says so, and he's entirely within his rights to say no. I'm not even entitled to holidays.

This country treats postdocs terribly.
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Anyone here that can't take two weeks off in a row?

I'm a stay at home mom... I have to bank the large majority of my vacations for the next 12 years. After that, I can take pretty much all of them at once.
good !

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