The feel good thread.

Well we've had a chance to air our peeves out in the other thread, how 'bout we think of a few things that make our days better? I'll start:

Good hair days.

Towels fresh from the dryer.

Puppies, kittens, all creatures soft and furry.

Putting a smile on someone else's face.

That very first cuppa java in the morning.

Long weekends!
Finding out I can play with kids and dogs at ease, yay!
Waking up in the morning knowing you don't have to get up cause it's the weekend!

the greenness of a forest path.
Getting a very long assignment done and then having a very long relaxation from it.

Oh, and I can't forget about waking up in the morning knowing that it's finally...

A cool breeze on a hot day
lone wolf
That shower right after I've finished cutting my lawn on a hot sticky day (late pm)

  • The first cup of java in the morning (which I am now enjoying!). Nuthin like it.
  • Receiving stuff I've ordered from eBay ... presently waiting for a new bed in a bag with 1000 count Egyptian sheets. Yum! And a bunch of cool clothes.
  • Good health days where I can get things done! This one belongs at the top of the list, even before the coffee.
  • Friends who forgive you for being AWOL for nearly a year. Hugz and smooches to you -- ya all know who ya are!
  • The ocean. Even that kinda icky smell makes me feel good. I'll post some pix later of our daily walk along Dallas Road.
  • Chocolate mousse cake. To kill for, I'll tell ya. I buy whole ones from Thriftys, keep it in the freezer and whack off huge chunks to eat in bed while reading junk food novels. Pure decadence.
  • Good vampire novels!
Mkaaaay ... that's enough for now.
Waking up in the morning and wanting to.
And finding out that she wants to too.
But we're trying to remember the last time.
And who went first.
And I say it was her.
And she agrees.
So, I
And make the coffee.

I knows whut ya wuz thinkin.

But the feel good thing is bringing the coffee back to bed, along with a hot buttered muffin, and sharin the muffin, and reading the paper.
Then going back to sleep
And only waking up again
Cause the goddam dog is licking my nose

So we finish the rest of the coffee
And notice there's a nice breeze coming in the window
Making the blinds rattle a bit
So we go back to sleep again.

Great Sunday mornings.
<<<<<<the dog.
Seeing my children succeed.
Sex makes feel good.

How about you?
Being around people I actually like.
Tidying up my home - I just LOVE doing it these days. Making everything shiny and cleans really makes me feel good.
Successfully completing something you didn't know how to do when you started.
The first morning cigarette with the first morning cup of coffee.
A look or a smile from that special person that makes you feel warm inside.
Long walks.
Good hair days, and good make-up days, and good clothes days.
Having coffee with friends in my favorite cafe.
And yes, Toro - sex feels juuuust great

Thanks for this thread, Zan - it was a great idea!
Waking up in the morning and realizing that the BEST DAY of my life is awaiting me .
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Was at a family reunion yesterday. Great to see them all again and remember the ones we won't see again.
Waking up at dawn and looking out at the ocean. I love living by the water!
Bloomin' Onions. Decadant treat!
Finally got to see more of Ireland before leaving the country.
And what's better is I could travel with this ex-colleague at ease as I've been so used to travel all alone. Thought I can't be bothered to travel with anybody else to accommodate what they want.
Sitting here typing with my niece sleeping off our hours-long chat last nite

She's on her way back south to San Diego for another year at university.

I'm so thankful her head isn't filled with toxic thoughts - she's survived her youth and is morphing into the coolest woman with dreams, and interest, and humor, and best of all for me - she enjoys my company, shopping, and food!!
This year more than ever I'm finding the greatest pleasure from just being at home.

Every time I fix something, or renovate here and there I'm in heaven.

According to my wife we have a goldmine of medicinal herbs growing (even catnip for the cats).
Lately it takes a lot to convince me to go anywhere with so much to do at home!

Dreadful Nonsense
when me wife is having a good day.
when my mom isn't talking about needing a man in her life....she's 84...i know, i know, i just wish she would only tell sandy.....although this rich guy with a place in muskoka moved in next door to her...true tales from the dark side of doc.....

Really good food served to you in a restaurant that actually makes you want to cry...

thoughts of my early childhood with nanny......she lived with us and all was well in doc land....

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