Near death experience

Ever had one? Ever heard anybody you know who told that kind of story? Maybe you can put it here.

I was in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris going to transit to another plane to Lyon. Since the flight that took me to Paris and the flight that would take me from Paris to Lyon are of different airlines, I had to take my checked-in baggage from the belt and then we were held in the belt area without being able to exit for about an hour because there was an unattended bag in the airport.
After a while, we then heard very loud noise once and about 20 min later a second one. It sounded like a shot gun so at first I thought somebody acting dodgy was shot by the guard, but apparently both noises were explosions.
The explosions weren't that near the belt area I was and so I wasn't that scared, oddly enough, I suppose cause I was more worried I was going to miss my flight to Lyon since it's important for me not to.
It's just that it made me think what if the unattended bag was on the belt where we were...

Another scary experience I had was a few years ago when I was taking Malaysian Airlines to Europe from Japan and the plane sort of fell for a few metres cause of the turbulence. At that time I sort of had a little bit of self-introspection thinking if the plane went down, I wonder if I could "go" or "exit" feeling satisfied doing things I've wanted to do and achieve. Not really a flashback, but yeah more of self-introspection. We shouldn't wait till that kind of moment to do that though however, I suppose.
lone wolf
I had some heart stuff a few years back. I went in for a "routine" angiogram. While they were mining for a vein (why do they never go for the easy ones?) I "fainted". Note: This is the third (and clearest remembered experience)

What I felt was a spiritual sort of thing - not weighted down by a body and free to move about on a whim - like a dream. I was content to keep floating upward along that mountain. Weird part was the white horse, then the face of a girl I'd loved way back when we were both 17 (she was killed in a car wreck) I didn't hear but sort of felt: "It's not your time".

I heard my name being called (the cardiac care folks) Then, I just sort of snored and woke myself up in a calm and relaxed state of being I've never felt before. If that's the hereafter, it's certainly not something to fear. When I came to, there was someone mopping sweat off my forehead, three more people patting me down and talking - and one more at my feet gowned up and greasing the paddles. Sorta messed with the calm!

For the next little while, I had a personal nurse. That very day, I had emergency angoiplasty and a stent was placed to open up a 95% blockage of one of the big arteries in my heart. Just a couple of years before, it would have been open heart stuff for a bypass. Seems rather Star Trekky that they can do heart surgery by going in through the crotch.

Unfortunately, or maybe I should say fortunately, I seem to have several lives like a cat. I have been in many accidents (as a passenger) in a car and once on a motorcycle, where the cops have said they didn't know how I survived. I have had a gun held to my head and I was supposed to be a murder victim in a murder/suicide that went awry and finally (whew), in 1991 I suffered such severe injuries that the doctors didn't think I would ever be able to teach again. Three years later I was back in the classroom. Now I am battling a brain aneurysm. Onward and upward!

Oh, and in the last couple of months, our property has been hit twice by lightning...once was our well, and the other time it was a small tree that was split in half right beside our back steps.

And yes, I have 'left' my body, if that is the experience you are looking fact, more than once. Sometimes, I think that was how I survived. I know that in '91, it was the only way I could survive. It was peaceful so I don't actually know why I went back to the crumpled body that was on the ground.

I think, though, that it is because of my out of body experiences that I look at suicide differently than most of you. (Re. the suicide thread from about a month ago) I don't regard suicide as cowardly or selfish...provided the person has actually thought it out rather than doing it on the spur of the moment and provided that they don't involve anyone else in the act. I think that the person is simply looking for some peace, a way to end the physical pain and the emotional turmoil which in life is neverending.
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I rolled a car on a highway when I 16. I don't know it classifies as near death but the thought crossed my mind several times, like it was in slow motion...'is this IT? this how it ends?'..etc. I thought I was a goner but luckily walked away with out a scratch.
lone wolf
Yeah, Kres ... been there too. Blew a back tire and the bike just sort of oozed out from under me - on the ramp from WB 401 to SB 427. Thank God for leather! I spread-eagled on asphalt, right under a tractor-trailor and came to rest against the box beam. Only clear memory I have is thinking Holy **** it takes a long time to die....


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