Blast At The Beach was amazing!

The concert of the year for this area happened in sleepy little Charlottetown, PEI last Saturday. Headliners were rock legends Aerosmith with Cheap Trick, 54-40 and a few smaller acts.
The 10-hour event was riddled with mist, rain, downpours, sun then rain again. Needless to say the field (actually a horse race track) got very muddy...more like boggy. That didn't hamper the spirits of the 35,000 plus concert goers who were obviously there for the bad boys from Boston.

54-40 were freakin' great. Sporting a new guitar player, they rocked out all their hit tunes which everyone seemed to remember from fm radio play. They're a great west coast band. Their new album is called Yes To Everything.

Cheap Trick were...well, Cheap Trick. They do their shtick and that's about it. Their last new release was Rockford in 2003 i believe. They come on, play all their catchy fun-rock tunes, then leave much the same way they came on; Hello There --- Good Night Now. Fun to watch, but the rock'n'roll crowd weren't there for CT.

Aerosmith took the stage as the rain began falling again around 9:20 pm. The band was very tight. Steven Tyler's voice was in A+ shape as were the blues laden guitar riffs of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Pure ****ing energy in veteran form. All that and boob shots from grrrls on shoulders. Does it get any better?
Although several of their "newer" songs were performed, they relied on the old classic Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Last Child, Draw The Line, Same Old Song & Dance plus a few Joe Perry project works.

It was wet and muddy. Lots of drunk kids and plenty of the smoke from the sweet leaf. My daughters were in awe. Good times. I saw Aerosmith...again.
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Sounds awesome Crash!
Glad you had a great time.
"Dad's looking at boobs!" of those rare growing up moments when you realize your parents are human.

Great review of the concert, Crash!

Something about a rainy concert that makes it memorable...I remember a three-day rain at Mariposa...

Did you stand up and rock out?

You know i did!

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