Tribute to Lennon and McCartney

I'm just letting everyone know that tomorrow, Saturday, July 21st, is the tribute to Lennon and McCartney. This is a free concert in the park, next to the Holiday Inn, put on by the Peterborough Summer Festival Concert Series which has a free concert every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the Summer. Just bring some lawn chairs and you're all set. (We always take some water and pop as well.)

Afterwards, there are 5-10 minutes of fireworks over the water.

If you wish to see more information, here is the link: (external - login to view)
The concert was absolutely fabulous. If you closed your eyes, you could actually believe that the Beatles were playing and singing.

We were a little late getting there although once there, we were able to squeeze into a terrific area up close. We started by going out for dinner. Then we started to walk back to the car to get our chairs and stuff. And of happened...I fell. Big time! In a lane where people get gas.

I fell face first. A crowd gathered around me. Someone called for an wasn't far away after all, just across the street at the concert which was about to start.

A sweet little security guard about the size of my leg asked if she could help me up..oh yeah, I could really see that happening. Other people also offered to help me up but you have to be pretty strong to raise this old body, so I thanked them but declined their offers.

People were afraid I had heat stroke and Lou and I tried to explain that sometimes my knees just give out and I fall but no one seemed to hear us and everyone kept on guessing as to what might be wrong with me.

Someone with a scooter had a pillow and gave it to me to place by my knees so that I could place my knees on something. (My knees hate touching anything...anything hurts them so at least a pillow would hurt less than cement.) I held my cane in one hand and Lou held my other side and I managed to get back on my feet.

We made it back to the car where I had to sit for awhile. Finally we made it over to the concert, which as I said , was absolutely fantastic.

OK, inventory now that I'm home...big colored bump on forehead, front teeth gums swollen and very slightly bloody, right forearm and hand are badly scraped, left ankle is twisted, both knees are aching like anything, feels like a possible fractured rib on the right side of my chest but it may just be a pulled muscle...and then pulled muscles and/or ligaments in most of my body.

You should be in bed resting! Let your body heal. Sorry to hear about your fall, glad the concert was great!
Yes ma'am! Right away!

Actually, we didn't get home until 11:15 and I love to watch Iron Chef on the Food Network at Midnight. I'm going to bed now with about 5 icepacks.
Dreadful Nonsense
Sandy spent her summers in peterbourgh as a kid
That's neat, Doc. The main singer last night was saying that he has come up here for the Summer Festival for the last 4 years and he likes the area so much that he was wondering if anyone had a cottage to rent for two months next summer for him and his family.

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