The motor vehicle-mad stars of the popular BBC show Top Gear have just tried another silly stunt - driving cars across the English Channel from Britain to France......

Coastguards' fury as Top Gear stars attempt to 'drive' across the Channel

20th July 2007
Daily Mail

Top Gear stars are used to leaving chaos in their wake and this time was no different.

The hosts embarked on an ambitious journey across the Channel in cars which had been converted into make-shift boats, much to the ire of local coastguards, who claimed the weren't forewarned about the trip.

Captain Clarkson: Jeremy's car turned boat eventually went the distance

Mayday! James' sails didn't prove very effective

Two of the three vehicles began to sink within just minutes of taking to the water near Dover.

Jeremy Clarkson's Nissan 4x4, complete with outboard motor proved the most buoyant.

Fellow presenters Richard Hammon, who had attached a sail to Triumph Herald and James May, who secured a propeller to a VW, were forced to join Clarkson for the remainder of the voyage to France.

Man overboard: the presenter was left bobbing in the water after his car capsized

Not happy: coastguards say they weren't told about the stunt

A senior coastguard officer said: "The guys didn't tell us they were going. It's totally irresponsible. I won't be watching Top Gear again."

The episode is due to go out on BBC2 in the autumn.