Cure for HIV

I am looking for a cure for hiv
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Sorry, hon, but at this point in time there isn't a cure...yet. But they are getting closer. See your doctor and start researching as much as you can. This is too important to just let it slide by. Each day brings the scientists closer and closer to a cure so remain positive. Eat healthy. Live a healthy lifestyle. Do all the things that will help you now because tomorrow may be the day. I am sending you positive energy that you may continue to remain strong. (((hugs)))



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Yes, there is.
Well. It may seem unreal and unbelievable (and this should probably be in the science forum) but I've looked into cases in which the device was used, and it's got a 100% success rate. AIDS cured. Well, not cured. But destroyed. It's not a vaccine. It's blood electrification - it electrocutes all foreign disease-causing bacteria in the body and kills them (thus ending influenza, bird flu, many STIs, bacterial meningitis, and even the cold), also rendering viruses (such as HIV and AIDS) incapable of infection. Your body isn't harmed due to the way that the nerves conduct electricity and re-regulate the flow of electrons...although I'm not exactly sure of how that really works. Probably something having to do with the action potential, etc.
Anyway, the point is, you can deliver a non-lethal current into your body that kills all the bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Dr. Robert Beck has this new device - it costs about $10 to make, out of circuitry and parts you can by at the Source, or Smith's home hardware, or wherever. The last link there is a link to the patent, where you can see diagrams and instructions. There are also sites that sell the device for about $250, but they have this magnetic pulser, or, etc.
I do hope this helps. Tell me how it goes (if you try it).
Okay... might I suggest following news ONLY from reliable medical sources in your search. There are tons of hokey cures for nearly every last chronic illness floating around the internet. Tons of misinformation spreads like wildfire. Keep your search for 'cures' narrowed down to credible news sources, and medical sites such as the Mayo Clinic. There have been many advances in medical research in the last while. Here's a news update I recently shared. (external - login to view)
thank you
I am doing great in my health. I just trust in God to heal me or let man find a cure soon. I would love to meet a nice man and get remarried, but with hiv that is hard to do.

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