Port Dover, Friday the 13th

My neighbour hopped on his bike early this morning and headed for Port Dover along with thousands of others riding their Hogs. What is it that they do there?
To be honest, I didn't know what they were doing until I saw their website...

www.pd13.com/ (external - login to view)

...and their mission statement.

www.pd13.com/pd13_mission_statement.htm (external - login to view)
It's awesome!
If your into bikes it's the place to be. I haven't been in a few years but I live close.
Thousands of bikes went through the neighbourhood yesterday. All you could hear was the roar of bikes.
They literally close Port Dover for the day. Bikes are lined up along the streets. It's a huge bike show. You can't get into Dover by car if your a nonresident. You have to park about three miles away and get a tram train to take you into town. There are several venders, charity fundraisers and beer/BBQ tents to frequent.
There was a concert as well, Stephan Wolf and Jeff Healy.
A friend of mine takes a classic bike there every year with the fire dept. that he volunteers for. They surround this old bike with their rubber boots for donations. Last year they made $5000.
There is a big get together in South Dakota every year as well. We were through the area at the time of the jamboree and it was overrun with motorcycles. They boy, of course, needed to announce each on (still does) -- "Motorcycle-cycle-cyle-cyle". It was quite amusing.

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