Quitting smoking again

Rom I think you and I share a similarity in that smoking gives us a sense of power we don't otherwise have....something to think about.
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I always tell how if there is anyone attending who knows a smoker who they really despise they should actively encourage them to follow the gradual withdrawal "cut down" approach.

Don't know if I agree, but I definitely didn't tell you this method because I despise you, triedit...I was only trying to help. Gee, now I feel horrible.
*laugh* no worries
LOL Daisygirl, you bad bad girl.

No worries. We know you didn't suggest the countdown method to Tryedit with evil intent !!

I posted that article about what the countdown really does to a smoker. It's something most smokers don't know and should know. That's why that method is the most difficult method a smoker will take. Failure rates are huge with that method, because of the continual state of withdrawal that method inflicts on smokers.

So why do all smokers love the idea of that method ?

Because that means they don't have to quit !!

When you're in the grip of the vampire, nothing else matters.

Today is ONE YEAR of "no fumar". For me.

By the way RomSpaceKnight, I absolutely remember thinking much the same in a former job and the smoking helped me think better. I could physically feel the buzz give me that extra shot to the synapses to verbalize and think better.

But !!

After crossing the river Styxx to the other side of light, LOL, you realize it was all chimera.
All of it is not true, as much as it appears true to you. It's fascinating to have lived both lives.
Neither side can tell each other. Until they experience it.

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