Blast At The Beach

The opening acts are soon to be named for the Aerosmith concert on July 21 in Charlottetown, PEI. The whole Crash fam are going. Cheap Trick was announced last night. Ooh yeah!
Three more bands will be announced between 4 - 5 pm today. The suspense is killing me.
I'm so jealous Crash
So far, that sounds awesome.
Love Aerosmith!
Haven't heard from Cheap Trick in years. I didn't know they were still around.
I will be checking back at 5.....?????? wait a minute. Are you ahead or behind us in time??????
I need to know when to come back for the update. The suspense will be killing me!
You're so lucky, Crash. I too love Aerosmith. Hope you and your family enjoy it.
Sounds absolutely fabulous so far, Crash. I'll be looking forward to seeing the updates, too!
Nice to see so many 'Smith fans! I saw their Pump tour back in '89 in Toronto. Awesome live band. Our tickets were from Bill Ballard of concert booking fame. We had front row center seats and i actually caught Joey Kramer's drum stick. Pretty cool!
There was another three musicians named today ...mostly R & B stuff though.
Definitly not an Areosmith OR a Cheap Trick fan...BUT, I hope you have fun. There is nothing like seeing a band you like live...the whole live experience's...really...good...I lost my ability to function vocabularily there for a second...
SNFU...they were a punk band from the 80's no?
Quote: Originally Posted by CrashedView Post

SNFU...they were a punk band from the 80's no?

Yeah for sure. I rmember seeing them in Regina around 84 or so. I think they were from out west. Calgary?
Check out the big brain on Brett! Ha...the unfman comes through again.

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