Peter Noone...remember him?

Peter Noone, originally from Herman's Hermits, will be opening up the Peterborough Free Concert series this Saturday, the 23rd. We are taking our lawn chairs and some pop and are going to go see him. Every show in the series is always followed by 5 - 10 minutes of fireworks over the water.

Last year we saw Davy Jones and The Stampeders. We really enjoyed The Stampeders but Davy Jones (formerly of The Monkees) was rather disappointing. We also saw some other really good shows.

One highlight for me was seeing Lighthouse. They were as terrific now as they were years ago.

April Wine was supposed to play one year but they were rained out.

The shows are every Saturday and Wednesday and are usually worth the trip for anyone in the general area. They are free and are a fun family treat. There are a lot of tributes this McCartney and Lennon, to Johnny Cash, to Queen and to the Bee Gees. You can find out more information by clicking on this link: (external - login to view)

Oh, and for autograph hounds, you can always get autographs after the show if you are patient.

And, no, I have nothing to do with the promotion or anything else to do with this's just something I thought some of you might enjoy if you are near the area.

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sounds great Sue...I love herman's hermits and all the other bands mentioned....good times
As I said, we're going to go see Peter Noone. Lou also wants to see the tributes to McCartney and Lennon as well as Queen. I want to see the tributes to the BeeGees and Johnny Cash.

I saw Johnny Cash down at the old CNE stadium a long time ago. We were right near the stage...terrific seats! I remember it was raining that night but that didn't bother Cash; he came right out into the rain. He looked like a giant, up so close. What an evening! Wow!

There are a couple of other entertainers/groups that we want to see. It makes such a nice evening out and everyone is always so friendly. I love the fireworks at the tops the evening off very nicely. And best of's all FREE...unless you want to buy some of the food, or glow sticks or CDs, etc. they have for sale.
It's to bad that April Wine was rained out.
They put on an awesome show.
We were really disappointed. They were going to try to rebook but it just never happened. *sigh*
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I'm a big time fan of the Golden Oldies -- Peter Noone was one of the best of the 1960s. A great performer!
I loved the music of the 60's.

Heck, I loved the 60's!
Way way back there, Johnny Cash was the reason a lot of us started playing guitar. Him and the folk music craze: Kingston Trio, Joan Baez, Odetta, etc. etc.

June Carter was a good sideshow, but IMHO she couldn't sing for spit.

God bless the Carter family though. Not for them (especially A.P. Carter), we wouldn't have a lot of old ballads on record. Funny, today, with just mother Maybell on guitar, and whasshername on the autoharp, they would be playing local bars if that. Good thing they became icons when they did. Tastes change eh. Don't I have a fine command of the obvious???

Wasn't there something about the Monkees where they lipsynced and air-guitared a lot of their TV appearances?? Good name for the band

You have FREE CONCERTS in Peterborough??? Good stuff!!!

Tooooooooooo early. back to beddies.

June Carter was a good sideshow, but IMHO she couldn't sing for spit.

Maybe, but compared with Kitty Wells she sang like an angel....
Well, just returned home a few minutes ago from the most wonderful concert with Peter Noone. Seriously, it was absolutely fabulous! And what a crowd! Holy cow...I have never seen so many people at one of the free concerts. I mean, the park is always full but you can always find a place to squeeze in with your chair. This time, people were actually standing and we had to wait for someone to move before we could sit down.

We were so far back that we were really lucky to have our trusty binoculars with us. We could hear Peter Noone just great but without the binoculars, it could have been anyone up on that stage from where we were sitting.

Oh my, he sang all of his old songs and so many others...1 hour and 20 minutes of singing with a few jokes inbetween. And he was brilliant...oh yes, he was absolutely brilliant. It was just like being back in the 60s, especially since someone very near us smoked a couple of joints during the concert. I have no idea who it was since everyone appeared to be about my age. Aww, but no worries, it added to the mood of the evening.

I shared my binoculars with the people around me and some were dancing for one of the songs. We were all singing and clapping hands and just generally having a real blast!

Afterwards, there was about 10 minutes of stupendous fireworks. Absolutely awesome!

Then, they sold t-shirts, CDs, and pictures of Peter Noone and we bought a CD. He autographed it for me and told me he loved my hat. (I had on my Maple Leaf baseball cap which flashes in the dark.)

Wow, what a terrific start to the summer season. And yes, these concerts are all FREE! If you are interested, check out the link I put in my very first message. It gives you all the information as to who will be playing and when.
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Maybe, but compared with Kitty Wells she sang like an angel....

Neither of them could sing for spit.

They did rather well in spite of it, don't ya think?

Go figure
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this Saturday will be the tribute to the BeeGees if you're interested in seeing it. It is part of Peterborough's Free Summer Concert Series by the water and there are terrific fireworks afterwards. It should be a fabulous show!

Here is the link if you are interested in seeing who is playing for any of the Wednesdays or Saturdays: (external - login to view)

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