Man had bathroom cameras

You can take the poor white trash out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the poor white trash...
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You can take the poor white trash out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the poor white trash... me it had sexual connotations..."how many licks?"...but...I may be reading WAY too much into that. However, I suspect so was the reporter and videographer, given that they had a close up shot that included that in it.
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hmmm, seems his wife had an affair on him 9 yrs ago so THAT'S why he needed to put a camera in the kids washroom.

So...why would you put the camera in there if you weren't going to record anything? Makes me think the wife doesn't want to know why the husband is video taping.

Or she knew everything, and she took part of it. Now he's accused and she doesn't want to get into trouble so she lies.

And how could all their kids not know it if they used that bathroom everyday? I knew everything in my home when I was a very young kid, including the condoms my parents hid high above the top of the wardrobe! I just didn't say anything about it. Let alone there're adult kids.
And I ditto with the "drug" theory.

When I was in high school(not in Canada), once one of my friends told me in their school there's a camera in every classroom. One day some kids wanted to smoke in the classroom, and of course didn't want to be caught. So they sat right under the camera where it's a blind area, and smoked. But still the principal saw the smoke rising from below, and caught them.
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from the Morning Sentinel

...Harrison's wife, contacted at work, told police she knew there was a camera in the bathroom but didn't know it was recording.

This also struck me as odd when first reading the OP. Why would a woman/mother condone having a camera in the bathroom? What did she think that it was there for? She knew it was there, but didn't know it was recording? Utter nonsense!

But, in any event, what possible need would there be for having a camera in a bathroom?
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If it's getting boring...why do you bother? We hate to bore you. Feel free to move to another topic.

No, no no - snfu - I've yet to find you uninteresting. The petty nitpicking of another was getting boring.

There is a debating tactic in this (and many other) community of deliberately misreading another's post, as if tiny logical oversights invalidated an entire argument. It's dishonest and tiresome. I think it's been done to you (if memory serves), so you know how enervating it is.


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